Cloud Machine IPA (Brewing Description)

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Dinner at Black Sheep

This is our area's largest brewery, along with being my favorite local restaurant. You can view my first post on this establishment here.

This time around I actually decided to try two beer. I still haven't decided whether the proper grammar is beer or beers. My tongue wants to speak beer, due to the whole deer/deers thing. Let me know what your grammatical opinion is in the comments.

Anyways, they finally brought back my favorite craft beer, the Cloud Machine IPA. I could talk about all day how yummy it was, however I will just give you the most vivid description of the ale that I can.


Cloud Machine IPA

This IPA is orange-juicy in appearance, with a white head, and extreme cloudiness coming from ample addictions of oats; malted and unsalted wheat, and extensive whirlpool hopping and dry hopping. Bright, tropical fruit aromas are followed by tart, tangy tangerine and orange flavors, with hints of melon, passion fruit, and key lime; balanced by a full, silky body and mouthfeel. Named after the weather pattern created by the hot liquor tank.

Featuring a variety of hops; Mandarina Bavaria, Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic, and Huell Melon.

Above I have linked each type of hops to its respective profile.

6.8% ABV ; IBU 40



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Nice one
Hope the alcoholic content is friendly?
Because I'd like to have a taste of it someday 😀
Thanks for sharing


It is very friendly. However I wouldn't drink more than a few. It is very powerful.

Beer is the true one and best of luck with it hrheheheehehe


I never drink too many anymore.

I'd like to have one now, I don't care it is morning here. :-))


Do as your heart desires. There is no right or wrong, especially when it comes to beer. As long as the heart is happy.

Thanks for posting, pleasure to meet you. I have not heard of many craft brewers in WV before..had to look this one up. It looks and sounds delicious, I definitely would make a pit stop here when I head east. Following to see more great beer posts!


That place is your best bet in this area. for sure! Thanks for checking out my blog.

I'm sure it's of a nourishing taste I won't hesitate to ask for some to start my day 😀
I'm new here, but hoping to be like you someday
I love each post you've been making
Thumbs up brother


It was quite tasteful, I love fruity flavors.

Welcome to Steemit. Keep creating through your music and writing, you will do great here. We are glad to have you.
My friend you are already like me, we are born the same. You are great.

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I think its beer .....this is so yummy but i ll never try this .


Yes it is beer.

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