Lucky Dog - Belgian Beer for Dogs

in beer •  2 years ago 

Style: Dog Beer

This is one note from the blind taste of the product.


Flat, no foam. In taste it has a meat character.


The smell resembles dry-cat food that has become moist. Not an big hit.


If there is a person you do not like, which requires non-alcoholic beer or some alcohol-free. This one is a excellent selection.

Information on the bottle:

Dog Beer with Vitamine B
25cl, 0% Alc

The lucky animal factory, Made in belgium

Analysis: Crude protein 0,80% - Crude fat 0,18%, Crude fibre 0,18%, Crude ash 0,05%, Moisture 98,30%

Added: Perservatives E202, E270

Direction for use: 1 bottle a day - shake before use - to serve at roomtemperature - After opening limited maintainable.

Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives, Vegetabile protein extracts.

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