Beer Tasting - Weissbier - Hefeweizen ('Wheat Impact' by Jopen Brewery)

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Wow! The price action these last days is just beyond reason. Is there a point when fundamentals start to matter? Or a better question, what’s the price you just won’t pass up?

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ETH! For crying out loud! Other than short-term opportunistic shorts, who would dump here? We breached hundreds and personally, as soon as I see a promising candle formation on 4 hour time, I’ll get on board. Till then, you could have made decent profits in only a few hours today if you shorted.

Another day in Rotterdam fills me with awe! Everything looks well thought out, an architectural masterplan. I’m still deciding if I love the style, but it’s certainly charming in its uniqueness.

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Jopen Wheat Impact

StyleWeissbier - Hefeweizen
CountryHaarlem, Neatherlands
BreweryJopen Brewery
AppearanceStraw. Misty. Creamy white head.
AromaSour fruit/ vegetables. Distant smoke.
TasteInteresting mix of wheat and citruses. Lots of grapefruit.
PalateFoamy mouthful. Watery. Light citric aftertaste.
OverallNo idea what they put into this one but it feels unusual. One of the strangest wheat tastes i tried.
Score (subjective)- 16/20

Price: 4.75 EUR (5.50$) for 0.3. On tap at a pub. Splurge

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Please drink with style and responsibility!

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There must have been some interesting fermentation flavors from this one. A SMASH is normally perfectly straightforward in its flavor profile because of the simple recipe. Single MAlt - Single Hop, that is it, no other ingredients other than the yeast.

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They seem to be in Free fall... dropping to zero

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Tether looks to be the last man standing

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