Beer Tasting - Pale Lager ('The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Lager' by Rye River Brewing Company)

in beer •  22 days ago

A sudden correction from overbought conditions. Nothing very strange there, it was overdue.

Is it just me or moves are taking slower to develop? Less liquidity also warps time it seems. It could have easily dipped lower but total cap got a little boost instead.

Only really important news is that SWIFT is experimenting some more with XRP. How and why I don’t know. I’m not an expert. Check it out in the news. I bet SWIFT has an important role in the backstage of global economy. They could do wonders if they accept crypto for interbank settlements.

However, only about 15% jump on the news isn’t really as bullish as you’d wish.

This one caught my eye since it has such a high score in style. Pale lagers get stomped on, probably since they taste so simple and ordinary. I’m giving this one a thumbs up!

The Crafty Brewing Company Irish Lager

StylePale Lager
CountryCelbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland
BreweryRye River Brewing Company
AppearanceClear straw. White foamy head with good lacing.
AromaSimple and crisp malts. Corn.
TasteA tug of war between bitter herbal and honeyish malty. I see why it is liked.
PalateSilky. Medium carbonation. Bitter herbal finish.
OverallNot my style but pretty good. Nothing overtly artificial or off-putting
Score (subjective)- 15/20

Price: 2 Euro (2.30$) for 0.5 l. Bottle in a store. Mid-range

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Low but very high in style

Please drink with style and responsibility!

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