Beer Tasting - Irish Ale ('V11 Classic Red Ale' by V11 Brewery)

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Cryptopians are having a grand time slapping BTC around. We are seeing panic articles all around, ETH is especially having a hard time.

As I was discussing with some of my crypto friends earlier today, maybe we aren’t seeing any significant longs because they are waiting for the 6k to 5.8k level to be reclaimed. That would put bears on slightly more defensive position. There is still a widespread panic around.

The beer is expensive around the posh neighbourhoods but I made it a mission to visit the more famous Pubs in Rotterdam at least once. This quaint little ship offered brews of their own make.

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V11 Classic Red Ale

StyleIrish Ale
CountryRotterdam, Netherlands
BreweryV11 Brewery
AppearanceCreamy tan head. Misty deep amber.
AromaCaramel. Fruit. Raisins.
TasteSweet malts with high pitched tart notes.
PalateOily feel. Weak carbonation. Lasting bittersweet aftertaste.
OverallThey say the best what this small pub offers. An average red ale but give it a shot. Very cute and helpful barmaid.
Score (subjective)- 13/20

Price: 3.50 Euro (4.05$) for 0.3. On tap from a store. Splurge

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Please drink with style and responsibility!

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I added up the value of all my crypto holdings today. The only cure for the shock I experienced is our favorite beverage.

On the other hand, the stock market is floating quite high. That should make me feel better, but strangely it doesn't.

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