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Careful when opening Bitfinex - a phishing site alert! Check out some screenshots! What audacity! Settle for a beer to steel your nerves!

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I’m not sure what will happen when you try to login through the advertisement site. Password takeover? Referral? Anyone here with more experience? The screenshot says it all….

More info at the official Twitter:

A day for Craft Pub again! Some novelties on the daily menu and trendy beers on the blackboard. I researched over RateBeer a bit and settled for the probably most expensive beer I’ve tried yet! (in Croatia). I earn a lot for all the support I’m getting from you, so I thought I can splurge a bit!

I’ve also found an expensive Christmas present I’d sure like to get! Bevog’s Hagger - it’s a miraculous barley wine! Heals the sick and befuddles the healthy! I wonder if my gf is keeping track of this blog…

Daily menu


Lone Pine IPA by Sawdust City Brewing Company

StyleIndia Pale Ale (IPA)
CountryGravenhurst, Canada
AppearanceDeep gold. Cloudy Weak head. Quickly dissolves.
AromaOrange zest. Mild hoppy on the sweet side. Caramel.
TasteLow sweet. Medium bitter. Good balance of malts and hops in the taste. They say it's like 'a pine bow across your face' but I find it much more mild than that which isn't a bad thing
PalateSizzly medium carbonation. Watery. Some silky feel. Comfortable. Leaves a lasting herbal bitterness. Also fine. Feels natural.
OverallWell made product I enjoyed but didn't find outstanding. Or is it IPA overload for me as of late? Would have again but I'd mind the price with this one.
Score (subjective)13/20 down some for the outrageous price! 55 kn (8.82$) for 0.5 l? C’mon!

Price: 19 kuna (3.05$) for 0.15 ml tester. On tap at a pub. Splurge.

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They know what there are doing up there in Canada!
Please drink with style and responsibility!

Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP

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Great shots and even a New Zealand IPA on the Menu I have to like that place


Sneaky Ninja attack!
You have been defended!


To help keep my Jōki (蒸気) power strong, I rely on the support of my fellow #thealliance brethren.

When able, please upvote my attacks so that I may stay mighty and continue to defend and protect our beloved team!


Looks nice! How do you find the time to post so many beer reviews?!?
I must be in the wrong job!
Is that Mikeller in the picture with the Hagger?


I don't spend much time relaxing, that's for sure. One a day! I'm an English teacher. That's indeed Mikeller. I Hope they will have it on tap soon!

Nice, I like Mikeller, may have to pick some up now that I've been reminded of it.

Judging by your blog, your time on this at least seems to be paying dividends!


Thanks for the info on the "ad" for bitfinex. I make a habit to never click on Ads that come back from searches. However, that's just a personal thing, I didn't think that someone phishing would pay ...seems traceable... Good to know.


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One thing I hate about crypto - scams abound. Luckily, you always have a good beer to keep us calm :)

I would not enter anything through a google ad ;-)
Full 100% and resteemed.

Thanks, appreciated. Maybe it helps someone, you never know. People tend to click on the first thing at the top when they google search stuff...

I won't easily pay more than $4.00 for a Craft Beer in South Africa, 8 dollar is very expensive!!
It is however great that steem can pay for the beers, nice!!

We used to have a restaurant that had cask beer but it closed down.

Great post. thanks for share. Upvote and follow you.

Feel free to a little view:

Excellent post. you have to taste the polar beer form venezuela.

I followed and upvoted.Would you like to follow and upvote me.

this is great and its good to see a New Zealand beer as i lived there for over 2 years and have a New Zealand partner. Keep up the great blog cant wait to read your next one.

That is a brilliant idea
Beer is one of the oldest beverages humans have produced, dating back to at least the 5th millennium BC in Iran, and was recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and spread throughout the world.

As almost any cereal containing certain sugars can undergo spontaneous fermentation due to wild yeasts in the air, it is possible that beer-like beverages were independently developed throughout the world soon after a tribe or culture had domesticated cereal. Chemical tests of ancient pottery jars reveal that beer was produced as far back as about 7,000 years ago in what is today Iran

IPA is my favorite! Cannot wait to try it!

Great post! Thanks for information mate!