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Crypto trading is giving me a headache the last few days. I’m thinking of taking a few weeks off. More and more I think back at March - June period. Whatever I picked did wonders. It’s quite the opposite now. Ah well, beer never lets you down.

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I wasn’t the only asshole taking too many photos of my beer today. Felt good. Not getting that condescending looks of random people. The other day one guy literally yelled rude remarks at me as he passed me by in the street. Unbelievable.

This guy could do wonders on Steemit, don’t you think? He was also shooting pictures of me taking pictures of beer. I have an excuse.

I was in a rush so I took the first thing I noticed. They said 100 kg of honey and I said why not. Some sweetness to take away the bitter edge of defeat. I like it how you can see the bowels of your beer below you. My second favourite bar. Fakin Craft Pub.

It’s a collaboration between disputably two biggest and most innovative craft breweries in Croatia - Medvedgrad and Garden Brewery


Honey Double IPA

StyleImperial IPA
CountryZagreb, Croatia
BreweryThe Garden Brewery
AppearancePale Gold. Like they advertise - a creamy thick white head
AromaHeavy grassy and floral. Lots of hops in the nose.
TasteHoney doesn't come through really. Hops overtake it with sharp bitterness. My favorite barman says it's chestnut honey. Bitter with slight underlying sweetness.
PalateMedium body. I'd expect fuller feel with all the honey in. Bitterness tingles the tongue. I feel young wine in the aftertaste. Red grapes.
OverallIt's a weird one and not something i was expecting. I'd almost pass the next time but 8% alcohol is enticing if the price is right
Score (subjective)12/20

Price: 19 kuna (3$) for 0.3 ml. Pub on tap. Mid-range.

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Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP

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Honey to the eyes and bitter to the taste. Delicious to @buzzbeergeek

Hodl and come back trading by March or cashout :)

Good old hodl!

I imagine taking photographs of beer does raise a few eyebrows in the bar, quite funny you were there when someone else was as well! I have perfected the art of buying into stocks just before the plunge out of the bottom of the chart, my latest Brainwave was Tesla some weeks back - just before it dropped massively lol. Hopefully the new semi truck announcement will pick it up a little. Shame the honey beer didn't taste of honey - but at 8% who cares just chugg a few a and ride a Bee back home ;-)

All valid points. I envy you on your stock knowledge. I'll stick to crypto for now. Enough clusterfuck as it is. Yeah that guy, I turn around and he's in my face with the camera. Hehe, funny scene.

I feel the exact same way about the Stock Market. Last week I made about $1,000 from 3 Cannabis stocks - this week i lost it all and then bought AMZN and GOOG and they fell too. I hate the Stock Market. It seems whenever I think I have a good thing I go all inland lose my shirt .... I always buy High and Sell Low. i suck so bad at investing it isn't funny.

Mate if you want to do better at investing, just stop doing stuff. Buying and selling is for people that know what they are doing or have some information to give them an edge.
Buy google, forget about it, and then check to see how much it’s worth in 2027. I am sure you will be quite happy


Thanks very good advice..... back in the 90's I did that ... somehow I forgot

Good advice. BTC is the new google!

mmm... cannabis...

"Ah well, beer never lets you down." Well said my friend!!

Bummer this one didn't taste so good. It's something I would've wanted to try as well. Thanks for sharing.... good luck with the cryptos.

Looks awesome! Will try it one day.

And what is that dude doing with the massive camera contraption thingy? I thought that we had phones these days so that we didn’t have to cart those huge cameras around with us. He’s missed a trick...


I think that will be the official poster for the new edition. Better than my phone attempts for sure!

I thought it would be really sweet with all that honey... xDD hihihi~ I love sweet stuff.. yum!

Hello Diabetes!

Oh yeah. I'm careful, but when it comes to beer it goes out the window

Yep! Have you tried Philippine beer?

beer is never disappointing, (only mixed with champagne for whatever reason). Dont go off the crypto for so long, just reduce your stress..

im gonna look you up on discord, we need to do more worldwide beer collaboration things

Feel free! same username!

You always make us thirsty at the middle of the night lol

I feel your pain. Everyone is like zomg altcoin went up 3x and I'm over hear like yeah and if it goes up another 3x I might be back to my break even btc investment point.

Definitely different than at the beginning of this year.

I am kind of glad I am not into Crypto yet other than Steem

that Looks like a nice beer but 100kg of Honey, thats a lot and per how many cans LOL

headache to me too ! :/ seriously market these days are like unpredictable !

Interesting concept.
I look forward to seeing the rules for interpersonal drama resolution

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Looks like a beautiful place

you should much enjoyed this one!!

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Thanks for sharing this....

Guys thanks for all the meaningful replies. It's a pleasure!

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