Beer Tasting - English Pale Ale ('Barba Englez' by LAB Split)

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What SBD is to STEEM that is Barba beer to Englishman beer. Different flavours by the same winning team! I really liked them both!

Basically we have a match between American Pale Ale and English Pale Ale! Let’s see how it goes down! Englishman in Croatian is englez.

I bought it a few days ago on my vacation. It was made in town called Split so what alternative did I have? You should always support locals! This is my recent review of its sibling. Picture below!

I was on a stroll to see a famous sculpture museum when my attention was drawn to a beer shop. What do you know!? I just can’t get away from it.

Split is a lovely city with awesome walkabouts and great beer. Do visit! Especially during summer months!

What is barba?

It is a man noted for his beard! And I’d say his pickup skills. Sometimes the horny locals are called ‘galebovi’ (English - seagulls). They tend to stroll the waterfront and charm the passing ladies. Especially tourists! So beware you unspoilt princesses. Though I doubt many of you girls will cherish a beer review :D

Is there a ‘barba’ around? In Croatian. Ima li barbe?


Barba Englez by LAB Split

StyleEnglish Pale Ale
CountrySplit, Croatia
AppearanceCopper color. Clear. Rocky head, firm, lasts. Neutral taste. Very tasty! I like the label, advertising and style. Good work boys and girls! Appealing at first sight!
AromaEarthy notes and leaves. Home made bread. Distant floral notes. Very complex aroma!
TasteMedium sweetness, light umami taste. Lots of malt in the taste, nice! I don't know why pear comes to mind.
PalateMedium to full body, oily feel, lively carbonation. Rounded finish, slightly sour.
OverallWell, what do you know, I like this better than the American Pale Ale by the same brewery. I didn’t expect it. Might be that i’m in the mood for more sweet than hoppy taste. I am very happy with this acquisition. Go for it if you are in Croatia! Pretend you are the guy on the label and break someone’s heart! It goes well together!
Score (subjective, personal)18/20

Price: 19 kuna (3.00$) for 0.5l. Bottle at a beer shop. Medium range for the quality.

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Please drink with style and responsibility!

Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP

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Here is a great entry to #beersaturday challenge by @detlev! @yogi - a beer lover made a post about his adventures with Bruges White Beer. He lets the picture talk for itself. Check it out!

Any other word for pickup artists that you know of?


The label looks powerful. I want to taste

You got that right - support the locals!

"Galebovi" = seagulls? That's pretty funny. Gotta be ready to duck for cover with them flying around.

The "barba" seems a very interesting name! Hehe... When I come to Croatia, I will become a barba for a while! At least for a couple of days.
Cheers! Very nice and deep color of this barba.

Nice review, I would love to give it a try !

Interesting post, beer testing

Is that good beer ?:)

Hi, thanks for your interesting post. Welcome to my blog @evgenya

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Great post and now a beer sounds really good :-) Added to Voter thanks for your support.

I have a question.. How much beer do you drink per day :D

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