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I’m starting to feel Christmas in the air! Especially now that I found a Christmas beer edition on the shelf by the biggest macro brewery in my country. Every year they make the same (slightly different?) shitty pilsener but I just can’t help myself being happy about it. It’s that time of year again.

Will alts feel Christmassy too? I sure hope so!

Ah, but the beer?! What’s interesting is that each year Zagrebačka Brewery hire another popular painter to design the label. It’s nothing fancy really but it does add the ‘collectible’ value to these bottles. Luckily I’m not a hoarder. This one is the newest edition for 2017. Božić means Christmas.

I found another for 2016 but the brewery doesn’t have a gallery collection of their special labels. Crazy bad marketing.

This year they chose Stipan Tadić. Shameful, but I don’t know him at all. Good thing this beer taught me something. He specialises in translating the gloomy everyday life to paper. Not a big fan of drab colors myself. I prefer lies if the truth is ugly. Here are a few of his works but you can find more in the article if you are really interested.


I’m not going to review the beer. It’s Christmas after all and I don’t want negativity. Let’s just say it packs a bit more punch (6.1% ABV) than their usual pilsner. Makes you all that much more festive. Maybe Ratebeer can speak instead of me this time.

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you sure know your beer
i've still got the taste palette of a 5 year old
only drink lemonade etc lol :p


It's a daily grind but I think I'm starting to get better at it! Thanks for the support! Lemonade + beer is a usual combo where I'm from.


We call lemonade and beer a shandy in Australia. It's not so popular any more.


Oh yeah, I don't like it. Fruity beer is fine but adding premade juice into beer is just yuck.

Oh I had missed the lotto! Cheers dude!


Ah well, a bit of hoping and we help the team to keep it going. win win

Those labels look absolutely awesome! There should indeed be gallery with all of them.


Thanks for taking the time. Looking forward to the big mystery announcement!

Thanks for introducing me to Tadic... Bandic on the horse is the best thing I have seen in last few days LoL... And other ones are real pictures from Croatia streets...


Yeah, Bandić was hilarious, I just thought international team would miss the pun :)

Cheers!! It's cute how they try to change the label every year... ^^ Christmas, it is!!! ^^

The beer may be shitty but I think the bottle itself is kind of cool

Haha that little punch is what helps people get through the holidays with those special family members they only talk to on the holidays.


Oh yeah, you should see my family. Palpable tension

ha ha ha .... Thats a good review!

Thanks for this

Nice post thanks. Vote @habercitr pls thanks

hey my friend @buzzbeergeek
that's photo is very very funny ,,,,, please you vote my last post...
i upvoted your post.
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hahaa!!!...thats a good review!!

Christmas beer season coming soon...
ha ha ha Crazy bad marketing @buzzbeergeek.

cheers man....

Woohoo, Xmas special beer review in beersaturday.
Remarkable design the label on the beer .
Thats stunning

this one is great, learn some new from this. Have a nice day..

I do the same here. Christmas time is very special, just waiting for it to come :)

i like that one...

@BuzzBeerGeek I am a fan of your SteemIt posts!

Please keep them coming they're going to make my holidays so much brighter for sure!