The hidden beauty in the bright form of fruits peel

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If the title of the post is ridiculous to you, I promise you that you will not be disappointed when you have read the title. The peel of the fruit are hidden in the real bright beauty, which has been unknown to us for a while.

Let's decompile, the secret to being a shining face from fruit peels!

We usually throw fruit's peels. But today a fruit peels is a major source of this face pack. It is Bedena the fruit of the pomegranate. Leaves pomegranate the anti oxidant skin from the Buriaya of the external part. In addition to helping new Punarjanme in the outer layers of pomegranate skin (epidermis) and the layers inside the skin (dermis), the skin is healthy by increasing blood circulation in the skin. The natural ingredient in it helps to save from pottery in the sun. So understand that leaves pomegranate peels are not unuseful objects.

The main ingredient for generating the pack will be shukate in the leaves Pomegranate khosake direct sunlight. For this the leaves pomegranate will shukate in the direct sun by throwing the root part beyond the seed of the peeling. If dried, grindare the spices and bowame the air tight glass.

Let's come to leaves pomegranate with these grated words and what other ingredients it takes. Dudhta the skin oily.

Sour Yogurt 1 table spoon honey 1 teaspoon lemon juice 2-3 drops Fats milk 1 table spoon tomato juice 1 table spoon in a pot with 2 table spoons leaves pomegranate peel powder in it, make it better to pour the rest of the materials into the mix. So that Upakarangulo can blend well with one another.

Now wash the pack in the mouth, neck and neck. Apply the pack to the VIP area. Wait 20 minutes for the Ebabe. When the goose dries up, back normal the mouth with a gust of water and wash the neck. After being washed, maisturizer the entire face with towels and press DELETE.

Now take a look at whether the skin looks smud and brighter than before. Do not eplie this pack more than 3 times a month. It's not a skin treatment that gets a result. I've already said you need to go and use this pack regularly.

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