Vitamin C, the active coup of radiance of the return

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It clears the complexion, iron tired features, redensifies the dermis, fight against free radicals ... Vitamin C is all good. Radioscopy of this dull anti-dull weapon.

When we are tired, we immediately think of a cure of vitamin C tablets.

But we think less to appeal to the most famous vitamins when our skin has a little "pump stroke".

Wrong because its beauty benefits are also spectacular. Explanations.

Our skin, a big vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C is present at 3500 mg in our body, five times more than most other vitamins. The health authorities agree that we should absorb about 200mg a day.

An obligatory contribution because we are about the only ones, with the baboon and the guinea pig, to not know how to synthesize it from the sugars.

However, its effects on the body are no longer to demonstrate: it fights against intoxication (lead poisoning, toxic, alcohol, mercury), cholesterol , infections, it boosts fertility and is even a good anti-allergic in reducing the release of histamine.

Unfortunately, just 1/3 of the vitamin C we absorb is available for our skin. Blame it on pollution, a deficient diet of fruits and vegetables, sun, alcohol and some contraceptives. Hence the importance of providing it topically, in the form of molecules synthesized from glucose such as ascorbic acid, L-ascorbic acid or ascorbyl palmitate.

A protective and stimulating role

which vitamin C has been added develop faster and in better health than their neighbors who only have a conventional culture bath.

In a few weeks it is able to reduce our wrinkles by fighting inflammation of our cells (inflammation), boosting our elastin and collagen fibers , and increasing the density of our dermal papillae.

Another good point: it brightens the complexion by regulating excess melanin in our skin, and decreases the intensity of our spots at the same time. Finally, it boosts the radiance of the skin by improving blood circulation. Better oxygenated and better nourished, the epidermis benefits from the acceleration of its repair process.

To make the right choice, we take a look at the formula

Vitamin C, is very unstable. It can not stand water, UV or heat.

However, some brands have managed to stabilize it in their formula thanks to a PH acid (PH 3 in general while that of our skin is about 4.7).

Disadvantage: With a PH 3, vitamin C becomes an AHA (or fruit acid) that can be irritating. How to know ? Just ask your pharmacist or consider how to use it.

If it says "daily use", it's good. If the product is sold as a "cure" attention! This may not be suitable for all types of skin, especially the most sensitive.

Anyway, if you feel a sensation of tingling and discomfort and redness appear, it is better to stop using it.

Advice: we take care to store our product away from the sun, light and heat.

Fast and crescendo results

From the first week, we note a beautiful brightness of our skin and a decrease of micro cutaneous relief (less small wrinkles, pores less apparent).

There is also a better tolerance to the sun and an obvious disappearance of the signs of fatigue.

After 1 to 3 months, our complexion has found a nice homogeneity, the skin is more toned, luscious, more velvety.

Nothing prevents us from using Vitamin C care all year round since it is a truly effective anti-aging if it is used in the long term.

Vitamin C: Unraveling the true from the fake

No, the high concentration of vitamin C in a product is not synonymous with aggressiveness. Everything depends on the assets that accompany it and that can moderate the phenomena of intolerance. The majority of Vitamin C cosmetics contain a minimum of 5%.
Yes, we can put vitamin C before going to the sun since it will protect our cells from oxidation caused by UV. However, do not forget to add an anti-UV cream on top. It should also not be applied too close to the eyes.
Yes, vitamin C goes well with most of the assets in our usual care and we can apply them over. Only precautions: no creams based on glycolic acid, salicylic and other "exfoliants" if our vitamin C has an acid PH. This would duplicate. Formal prohibition also to use a care with Vitamin B3 (nicotinic derivative) whose effects (anti-pellagra, anti skin pathologically dry ) are inhibited by vitamin C.
No, an effervescent tablet of vitamin C does not replace a skin care. If it takes us the urge to apply one directly on our face, it is not a good idea: it is indeed necessary to this vitamin specific excipients so that it penetrates in the good place and that it makes benefit our skin from all its anti-aging effects.



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