DIY beauty: a face cream

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Doing her beauty products is not so complicated as it seems. With a little patience and the right ingredients, we say yes to natural cosmetics and draw a line on industrial beauty products, all but ecological!

DIY beauty: what to know before you start

In natural cosmetics, the first and not least essential step is to disinfect his work plan, his hands and his tools! We sift through our work environment (alcohol at 70 ° or boiling) to avoid the development of bacteria in our finished product (and a skin covered with buttons eventually)!

Cosmetic slow: emulsion, kesako?

A day cream is an emulsion that nourishes and moisturizes the skin on a daily basis. Depending on your preferences and your skin type, you can adapt the texture of the cream or its components. However, learn before testing new compositions, essential oils are very active components, and some are not suitable for a cutaneous application!

An emulsion is a homogeneous mixture of two liquid substances immiscible with each other, such as oil and water. For an oil-in-water emulsion, the oil is dispersed in water as micro-droplets and remains stable thanks to a third ingredient called emulsifier (and yes, by making your own cosmetics you will become a real little chemist!). The creation of an emulsion requires a minimum of dexterity but it is quite easy, a bit like setting up a mayonnaise! Assets and preservatives must absolutely be added at the end of preparation so as not to destroy their active ingredients with heat.

Natural beauty: the recipe for the homemade moisturizer

  • Preparation time: 30 minutes

  • Packaging idea: 50 ml airless bottle

  • Difficulty: 3/3

  • Kitchen scale

  • 2 bowls

  • saucepan, mini-whisk (or electric emulsifier type emulsifier cappuccino) spatula
    Ingredients for 1 pot of 50 ml:

Phase A / Fat phase

  • 10 g of jojoba vegetable oil

  • 5 g of vegetable oil of camellia

  • 3 g of Olivem emulsifier

  • 1000®
    Phase B / aqueous phase

  • 20 g of aromatic hydrosol

  • rose of Damascus

  • 10 g of organic aloe vera gel
    Phase C / Assets and Conservatives

  • 10 drops of Cosgard®

  • (conservative approved

  • in organic cosmetics) (optional)

  • 8 drops of fragrance

  • natural choice


Sterilize with alcohol to 70 ° all the utensils which you will need for the making of your cream.

Measure or weigh each ingredient separately.

Put the fatty phase in one bowl, the aqueous phase in the other bowl.

Heat the two phases separately in a bain-marie over low heat (if you have a thermometer, you can
control the heat, which should reach 70 to 75 ° C.

Let the emulsifier melt. When the emulsifier has completely melted, remove the two bowls of the water bath and begin to whisk the oil phase with the emulsifier and then pour the mixture of hydrosols in a thin stream.

The cream will go through several stages:

• It will become translucent, whiten and opaque.
• It will foam slightly
• Finally, it will thicken while cooling.

When you can touch the bowl without burning (<40 ° C), add phase C (active ingredients, optional essential oil and Cosgard® preservative). Homogenize for a long time with a spatula and pack in your bottle.



wow, very interesting recipe well don @sobiakanwal

Thanks dear friend

Once again a nice share! You are always good in sharing useful tips and tricks!

Thank you very much

I love when people try to make their own natural products like theese.


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