Propecia/Finasteride - Why I don't Use it for Stopping Hairloss/Balding

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Hey guys, I made a quick video a while back on why I personally don't use Propecia to Stop Hair loss. Essentially, I feel like it is not worth the risk of the potential list of side effects for men which can include:

Side Effects
►loss of interest in sex,
►trouble having an orgasm,
►abnormal ejaculation,
►swelling in your hands or feet,
►swelling or tenderness in your breasts,
►feeling like you might pass out,
►runny nose, or
►skin rash.

Propecia/Finasteride apparently was even originally designed for "chemical castration". That is crazy!

Yea, I'mma just stick with Minoxidil and Regenepure Dr shampoo for now. I do not recommend Propecia at all!

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Dang man. Your video went down. Nice info though.
I just made a vid with my experience with hair loss

cheers. thanks for the info