Fake lips?!

in beauty •  2 years ago  (edited)

I like this photo. My lips can be big like I wanted them to be. Make-up can do a lot. This is example, how small lips could be bigger.
U must have three things: lighter lipstick, darker lipliner and camera photo. Am I cheating? No. It's only make-up.
Make-up should correct our beauty and it does it (I know challenge 'The power of makeup'). Let's not dramatize, please. In the future I'll show u few photos about make-up.
Good day or night!

Yes, my small and shitty lips and I'm fatass. :D

Do u see the differences? Good. And now, it's not photoshoped, trust me. It's mine lips.
Next post in the future will be about, how to do lips looks fuller and bigger.

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