Refreshing My Hair - Went With More Blue

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I refreshed my hair yesterday. As usual, it took me several hours. I did the whole, snipping split ends, and fixing up my V thing first. I always hate cutting when the colour is in, even if all I'm cutting is 1 millimeter, or not even. Even if I check split ends and do a balayage regularly. I don't like snipping the fresh colour, so I always ensure that the biggest snips and cuts are done BEFORE. I know that areas of my hair grow faster than others, so those parts get cut more often, but whatever hehe


I decided to do something a bit different and put more blue on one side. Of course, this is blue on top of old green and old violet, so it creates some nice nuances. For the blue to stand out a bit more, I will have to put blue there a few more times. The more I do it, the more potent it will become, just like with the Violet on the underside. As is my new usual, I put violet all under. On top and the back has green, mostly the Alpine green on the bluer side, and mostly Apple green on the right side of my head.


I find that I was able to get the colours to show properly in some of these photos. Sometimes, the way the light hits, the violet looks bluer than it actually is.

The colour I use if from Jerome Russel's Punky Color brand: Apple Green (is my main colour), Alpine Green (the secondary and slightly darker green), Violet (which is my second best colour and it matches my skin tone just as well as the Apple Green), and Atlantic Blue.


I leave everything on for more than an hour now and it lasts ages. I wash my hair with cool water twice a week and it makes my colour last so much longer than it used to. Plus, when these colours fade, it creates a more pastel variant of the colour. Only after many months does it being to look washed out and faded and the green begins to look like grass once snow has melted.

I was due for a refresh. I hadn't done so since Autumn. And parts of my hair were still quite vibrant. Violet stays vibrant longer than green and blue. Blue fades the most quickly from all my colours.

Here are the links to the colours on Amazon if you want to get them for yourself ;)

Apple Green:
Alpine Green: /
Atlantic Blue: /
Violet: /

My hair is my canvas and I create an abstract painting that is different every time in its own unique kind of way :p

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really your hair is good i think
just silk and glorious


Thank you :)

Looks cracking :)
@scarletLeonard used to get me to dye her hair and apparently I was rather good at it but now she gets it done by a professional, more because the colours are stronger and last longer than my lack of skill I'm told.
I like the layered colours, much more interesting than a single block of colour or streaks.


Thanks :)

hehe I guess it depends what you need in your hair. I do it myself because it's much less expensive than going to the salon to get it done, plus I found colours that are good for me that I'd have to buy and bring to the salon anyway.

At the beginning, it was only a bit of green here and there. When I started putting other colours, it was more like blocks of colour. It's putting colours on top of old faded colours that add nuances, even to the same colour, and give it that effect. It's a process that only happens over time. And unlike money, that (time) is something I have lots of :p

Green and you
Wild and beautiful


Thank you :)