The Face of the Unicorn; a festival look

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Since the season of festivals is upon us, here's a festival inspired look to help you get ready. Complete with glitter cheeks and rainbow eyes, you'll be a unicorn that's ready to rage.

Start with full face make up on, however you normally would, or ready any of my other tutorials on advice on how to do this step. I advise putting a very light concealer on your eyes so the rainbow highlight shows up as bright as possible. I use this wide brush to apply the highlight to my eyes, first dipping it in water so the pigments show up better. The brush should be so it takes up your whole eye area. Make sure it is only damp and not very wet or else water will just run down your face and nothing will stick. You will probably have to do this a few times on each eye so everything shows up nice and bright.
image image

Next, I put purple eyeshadow on my cheeks with a blush brush.

Then I put a bluish white shimmer highlight on my cheeks and under my brows.
image image

Building this base will allow your glitter to be as sparkly as possible, even when not under direct light. Now I apply glitter face glue in a dabbing motion, to avoid smearing the highlight base, all over the highlight area. Then dip any brush that will fit in the glitter container and dab that over it. Loose glitter is used in this look.
image image

After this I add some lipstick, mascara and setting spray and I'm done! I chose this shade because it matches my hair, and would advise a nude tone because of all of the bright colors going on everywhere else.
image image


Great post you earned a new follower from @thefollower -_- Like money? Read my blogs for more!

I like the look. It's pretty groovy. Shine on!

You too crazy diamond

@bad.karma I love all the color that you use!! It's fabulous!!!

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