My pleasure! Do you think you do OK here by just posting once a week? I am finding it more and more difficult to come up with something to post every single day.

Aww I used to post every single day. I would if I could but had to do only once a week as it was affecting me alot. Not getting much sleep and getting easily irritated. I had to slow down. But honestly once a week is not ok to get the most out of it.

I wondered. Maybe you could do short posts a few times during the week and save your big post for the weekend? Do the color challenge or enter a photography contest where you only need to post a couple of photos with a paragraph or two? It would give all of us more opportunities to vote on your posts.

Hmm I never thought about that. Something that wouldn't take a lot of time. I'll try cook something up. Thank you very much for that thought. I just overthink a lot most of the time lol. Hey the family gives their regards by the way also bearkid is in college now lol.

No way! College! I will bet she is doing great.

Some of the frontends have features where you can schedule your posts. You could do a couple posts and schedule them to post at pre-arranged times and not even look at them until the weekend. Then it wouldn't take up much more of your time.

Have you looked into Steem-Engine and all the Tokens that are happening? Sometimes I am getting paid two or three times for the same post. The Pal token is a good one, but the claim drop is on the verge of being over. So many new things happening that it is hard to keep up!

Oh bearkid is doing really good and got an A+ already. I had to give her money for it as a reward lol. I will have a look at Steem-Engine sounds good as I need all the help I could get. Lots of stuff I've already missed out of. Thank you very much for the tip my friend.

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