5 eternal suffering women endure

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Men or women have their own sufferings. But no matter how justified it cannot be denied that the suffering below that every woman must endure.

Older women are faster than men

Most men are older, the more mature they are in the way of life, the way of thinking. As for women, when they get older, they age. This shows that women will show signs of aging faster than men.

If the same age, women always look older and they will always feel inferior when standing next to men. This is the reason why women want to choose a husband who is older than themselves. Moreover, the seemingly unknown jobs have a significant impact on the adolescence of women, making them become headless, messy hair, dark eyes, ...

Pregnancy and childbirth

This is one of the noble roles of women, but once they accept the sacred responsibility that is when they face the pain of body change of the time we can't lie on our side or on our back.When pregnant, eating and vomiting often, not eating, pale, yellow ... extremely tired. Not to mention, when pregnant women have to be heavy for nine months and ten days, their legs are often swollen like big elephant legs, walking is also very difficult.

This is the suffering that anyone can see, only women have to embrace this suffering alone.

Obligation to serve her husband and children

Serving her husband and children is only natural when it comes to women's responsibilities. The servant is supposed to be clever to row, to resist to keep the family healthy, sweet soup, frankly, to know to preserve family happiness even if the affection of the couple has not faded like the first day of love.

At the same time, women also have to find a way to balance work and family. Not only are they tired of work at the company, they have to go home to clean their house and take care of their husbands and children ... but who can rest and who can understand their tiredness?


This is what every woman owes to them. Sometimes it will make women uncomfortable, irritable, early afternoon sun and rain when the day comes. But without it, many women feel confused and scared.

Again and again, women are always the most disadvantaged whether their lives are rich or poor.

Not as important as a boy

Although it is the 21st century, it seems that the idea of respect for men and women still has not disappeared. The woman still has no voice in the family. Especially when they go back to their husband's house, they become a lonely, lonely woman who knows nothing but their husbands and they have no right to decide anything in that house. Therefore, brides are often afraid of living with their parents-in-law because things she does may be noticed by her parents-in-law.

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