300 years old Landload House In Dalam Bazar

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300 years old landlord house and Kamankhola zamindar house in the Dalal bazar.
Lakshmi Narayan Vaishnav came to Dalal Bazar about 4 hundred years ago to make clothes from Kolkata. His north men received the commercial agency of the East India Company and later zamindari. Being a commercial agent, locals did not accept them. Called them 'brokers'. When the zamindars fled, their abandoned zamindari house remains. It is in ruins today due to lack of reform and preservation. People walk away from distant places to see Rajgate, Raj palace, Zamindar Palace, Andor Mahal Palace, House wall, Shan paved ghat, Nat Mandir, Puja Mandap, Viratakara Iron Corridor, Iron Vessels of Tons, near the landlord house of about 5 acres. Comes in. Judge Seats and Dance Seats Who Have Taken Recently

How to go:

From Dhaka to Dhaka, Ikono or Dhaka Express goes to Lakshmipur. It takes 4 to 4 hours. Bus departure from Sayedabad. The bus goes through the brokers market. The Dalal Bazar will fall down from the bus. With the market the Dalal Bazar zamindar house. When it ends, the rickshaw will go with the cannakhola zamindar house. 20 taka for rent After the landlord left the house, left for Lakshmipur. There are Meghna Char, Alexander Chara, Majchowdhury Hat for turning to Lakshmipur. You can finish the day in the morning.

B. If we are a little aware of going around and throwing garbage at a specific place

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