Buy low, sell high. Should have bought a week ago and be ready to sell here pretty quick before the next downtrend.


Hdol. Don't open your accounts at all.

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check after 1 year , then let's see!

Then you forgot the password... :)

excellent explanation

Thank you, I love Svampe Bob!

Interesting publication. Very good


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Increibles puntos!!

Nice, love the video learnt a lot

you're right, I agree with what you say!

Just hodl wan wait XD LOL

Deal with it by buying the dip

Best way to deal with bear market is to accumulate stocks at every fall and move forward , stop looking at the market again and again

Thanks, very clear explanation

buenos puntos

vote me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

interesante ...

Just hodl.

Soy nuevo en Steemit y me encuentro con este vídeo! te abre la mente, buen vídeo mi amigo!

buy DIP, sell High, don't sell when its low instead HODL it!
The more you HODL, the more you win!

overthrow the old market !!!create a new one!!!!

what a good subject, as my good father told me, today an object will have little value because of its lack of knowledge in the product and it is there when you have to buy it because when it is known it will have greater value and you will get more out of it ...

nice video boss good post

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