Beach Wednesday - Lake Jasna in Morning Shade

in beachwednesday •  2 months ago

A view from the shore of Lake Jasna towards the jumping tower with the mountains in the background, which are already brightly lit by the morning sun.


It will be a beautiful day.

The photo was taken this Sunday morning before all the hordes of tourists arrived to enjoy the scene.

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Uh I am jealous. This looks like a peaceful place!! Congrats you made it in the top 10 this week.



Yes, it is peaceful before 8 AM and in the off season :)

Beautiful picture beginning a good day


Thank you. Have a good day too, yourself.

I love your photo with this beach that I would call rustic. It looks like you do not like the crowd (of course!)

@ervin-lemark, In my opinion this Jumping Tower is really awesome and for sure while standing on that to explore is an awesome experience.

And you said right we can see an breathtaking background of the mountains and mountains are always an Highlight.

And i am watching one Artistic essence here and that is, we can see so many different green natural colours.

Hope that you really had awesome time because for sure this place is reflecting as healing and beautiful.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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