10 Top-Rated Beaches in Sri Lanka

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Quickly acquiring global ubiquity as quite possibly the most lovely sea shore destination on the planet, the island country of Sri Lanka offers a scope of scenes, from rain forests to unlimited miles of fine, white-sand sea shore. The regular magnificence is highlighted by a social history going back millennia. Getting to Sri Lanka is additionally simpler than any time in recent memory, with non-stop departures from numerous European, Asian, and Arabian aircraft centers.

Early arrangement is an absolute necessity, as the nation has two rainstorm seasons, influencing various spaces of the island at various occasions. Resorts and sea shores in the west and southwest ought to be stayed away from May through September, and areas in the east and north have their storm season from October through February. Track down your new most loved island escape with our rundown of the top sea shores in Sri Lanka.


Nilaveli Beach is an expansive, sandy sea shore, fixed with palm trees and specked with anglers' boats. Situated on the upper east piece of Sri Lanka, it's a 30-minute drive from the city of Trincomalee. This minuscule island has quiet sea shores with delicate surf because of its own little reef. Albeit the sea shore at Nilaveli is huge, it is well known with the two local people and vacationers. There are lifeguards working and numerous little eateries along the seashore, most gaining practical experience in fish.

The Trincomalee region is additionally useful for touring, as it's a focal point of Tamil culture. Tamil is the name of the language verbally expressed in Sri Lanka and the ethnic gathering to which most of its inhabitants have a place.

In the event that the detachment of Nilaveli isn't sufficient, you can take a boat to Pigeon Island National Park, about a half-pretty far from the coast. This ideal island is most popular for its swimming and scuba plunging, and there is a decent jumping school close to the seashore, just as a visit administrator that gives direct voyages through the island.


This mile-long sea shore on Pasikuda Bay is ideal for swimming and swimming. The surf is delicate, secured by a reef, in contrast to many sea shores in Sri Lanka with harsh surf. The water is additionally shallow, permitting you to enter the sea for many yards. The sand is radiant white and delicate, with fine grains, and the sea shore is fixed with coconut trees. This region is simply beginning to be found for extravagant resort advancement, so there is a lot of immaculate sea shore to investigate.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is significantly excellent, with dazzling white sand and dark blue water steadily becoming green the nearer you get to the shore. With that excellence comes probably the best surf breaks in Sri Lanka, and the sea shore is known as a global surf objective. This standing brings numerous guests yet additionally implies the region has a decent traveler framework and is not difficult to get to. The bending sea shore feels somewhat like a Hawaiian sea shore - the region close to the water slants down, and there's a dry, sandy segment, then, at that point, harsher regions with bushes and a timberline.


Mirissa is the biggest fishing port on the south coast and sits directly on the southern tip of the island. Its magnificence and relative vicinity to Colombo (the capital city) mean it's not difficult to get to. It's around a two-hour drive from the capital's air terminal. The little sea shore town and its huge sea shore are lovely, sponsored by thick woods of palm trees. The town is on a little slope that ascents up behind the seashore.

Mirissa Beach is bolt molded, with the bolt tip standing out into the ocean. This regular breakwater additionally makes the surf quiet and useful for swimming. The sea shores are dazzling white, with delicate, fine sand, and the water is perfectly clear. It's light green where the base is sandy and dim blue where there are shakes or reefs. Mirissa is likewise an incredible spot assuming you need to do some whale watching, best done in February and March.


Unawatuna and its seashore are close to the pilgrim town of Galle, which is an extraordinary city for touring. Sri Lanka was some time ago a state of both Portugal and Holland (at various occasions), and this was the country's primary city during that time. Around five kilometers outside Galle, Unawatuna offers one more smidgen of sea shore heaven.

The region, additionally a major objective for ecotourism, has a huge coral reef seaward. The sea shore is huge and bending yet can be packed as it's viewed as one of the nation's best sea shore resorts.


Situated on the island's less grown east coast, Uppuveli offers a genuine remote, untainted sea shore insight. This is a genuine, rustic sea shore, so your day at the seashore very well could be imparted to a neighborhood cow. In the event that you show up sooner than expected, you can watch (or help) the angler pull in their nets. The sand is brilliant, and the ocean here is light-blue because of the sun's appearance off the sandy base. It's around five kilometers from Trincomalee.


Just an hour from Colombo, not a long way from the air terminal, Negombo has a cool little town air. Taking into account vacationers, the sea shore has a shoreline dabbed with cafés and small shops selling painstaking work. There are additionally groups and artists playing along the seashore, adding to the exuberant energy. The sea shore is wide and level, with sea shore seat and umbrella rentals accessible from venturesome local people. You can observe every sort of water sport under the sun here, the two rentals and examples. Be cautious; the ocean here can be unpleasant for swimming and has solid flows.

Tangalle Beach

Tangalle is on the southern coast, and its tones make for extraordinary Instagram photographs. The light sand is in sharp difference with the dull blue water, both set against dark green foliage that lines the sea shore. In the same way as other different sea shores in Sri Lanka, the sea shore edge is fixed with a thick forest of trees. The top piece of the sea shore is fine, light gold-shaded sand, with a precarious slope close to the waterline.


Bentota is a famous retreat town, just an hour from Colombo. It sees many bundle vacationers yet holds its dynamite regular excellence and merits a visit. The sand is dazzling white on this wide sea shore, and the ocean is radiant water blue because of its light-hued sandy base. The sea shore is encircled by wilderness and tall palm trees. Close by attractions incorporate numerous sanctuaries and leftovers of the country's frontier past, similar to a post securing the old harbor of Galle.


One more seashore known for its solid surf and great surfing, Hikkaduwa is in the southwest, near Galle and around 95 kilometers from Colombo. The sea shore is common with those in Sri Lanka, supported with thick foliage and palm trees. The water here is dazzling water and the sand is fine and white. A public park lies behind the sea shore region. It's one of just three marine public parks in the nation and has its own coral safe-haven. Notwithstanding the coral, the recreation center is known for its marine turtles and fish.

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