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We haven't seen anything yet in this world because a time is coming when Lucifer will come down to the surface of earth and not like a thief in the night but we should be prepared for his coming..The book of Revelation 9 points out that a time is coming when God will permit Lucifer (the devil or Antichrist) and his demons to physically show on the surface of Earth.Jesus will only permit the devil and his angels to exit from the spirit realm when two-thirds of the time allotted for the great tribulation has expired.Then, He will release these supernatural beings from the spirit realm and give them physical bodies. When the appointed time arrives, the devil and his angels will descend to Earth from the sky. ( Revelation 9:3 ) This appearing will be brilliant and extremely intimidating. So many angels will appear with Lucifer that they will fill the sky from horizon to horizon, like a swarm of locusts. At first, the people of Earth will run for shelter to escape their commanding presence. Then, hundreds of millions will go out and participate in the greatest deception to ever occur on Earth. lucifer_by_sandara-d8ov0cv.jpg imagesource(Google). When the devil appears, he will parade himself as Almighty God. Claiming to be God, he will travel the world for five months, winning the 502012120_univ_sqr_md.jpgconfidence of billions through signs and wonders and appearing to be holy, righteous, generous, forgiving, and gracious. His appearance and actions will deceive a large portion of the world. Pretending to be
Almighty God, the devil will perform amazing miracles, even calling fire down out of Heaven to prove his assumed divinity. He will quickly
grow in popularity and most of the world’s population will admire, adore, and worship him. Millions of wicked people will bow down
before him in humble obedience.k15184575.jpg imagesource (Google). At the end, God will withdraw all the powers he gave to Lucifer and he will return Lucifer
and his angels to the Abyss and destroy the wicked by the breath of His mouth (a command that comes out of His mouth, represented in Revelation as a doubled edged sword). Then, He will resurrect the righteous dead and gather the remaining saints. They will meet the Lord in the air and return with Jesus to the Holy City for 1,000 years. At the end of the 1,000 years, Jesus will break the seventh seal and every living being will see the final revelation of Jesus Christ. BE PREPARED!!!! 502012120_univ_sqr_md.jpg imagesource (Google)

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Ye shall know the truth. This is the Truth.


Yes and the truth shall set you free


Hmmmmmm real fact.

It is important that we do not just prepare for the social aspect alone this Xmas for his coming i.e his birth, we also have to prepare for his second coming. Let's also take care of our spiritual life


We all should just prepared for the perilous times because all what is in the bible will come to pass...thanks for the comments


Heaven and earth will failx but The Word of God shall come to pass