Today I will share with you the magic stump story.

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Hello friends, how are you? I hope by the grace of God, everyone is well and healthy. Today I will share with you the magic stump story.

A long time ago, Wala used to live in a village and cleaned a road. The guy he used to clean the street garbage every day.

As a result, he paid the man to pay the money. They did not respect the man every day to run their family.

Because no one respected him for cleaning up the mess. One day a man came to her and told her to go out.

From then on, he cleaned the dirt on his body, which was very difficult for him. Why don't you think of me?

One day he told many boys in the street not to throw him down. I'm just saying you clear the road.

Take what you say we will respect. When they return home one evening, his wife tells him when he is listening to me.

As soon as he buys it, he says I have just returned home. That's when you started everything and then his wife couldn't stand it and left.

That's when he started to clear the road and that's when he saw an S Ten Plus. That's when he started to say that he was in it later.

That place might be bad. After saying this, he went home and started looking for the paper outside whenever he stamped the paper.

Then Ichcha became very happy. After eating haluya today, his wife started making haluya by herself and she was very happy.

That I want him to be an ass in the street. And when he saw them in this street, he said as crazy as I was in the street.

It has turned into a donkey, so everyone becomes a donkey by throwing dirt on the road. Then everyone is very scared to see these.

Then one day all the people of the village went to the foreman of the village. And he said that you can arrange something for him with the help of a stamp.

He turned the man into a donkey and went to the man who had swept the road. And he said you ruined it, then he said no.

People don’t respect me a bit what I say with a street sweep. He didn't think I was human, so he called people and said.

If you do not respect and honor him from now on, then you have to clear yourself.

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