BBQ Motivation: BBQ Timelapses from around the world

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There is nothing better than hanging out with friends and watching your meat cook on the BBQ, except watching it cook at ten times normal speed! This collection of BBQ Timelapses from around the world is all cooking and no talking. Just pure meat sizzling goodness. Take a trip around the world and watch the locals BBQ their native delicacies.

Be warned! This world tour is guaranteed to give you the munchies and get you motivated for your next BBQ! So watch, enjoy, drool a bit, and get ready to fire up your Q!

Preparing the Steak

Grilling Steaks over a Wood Fire

All American BBQ

Yugoslavian BBQ Feast

German BBQ Grillen

Norwegian Park BBQ

Polish BBQ :)

Euro Backyard BBQ

Korean Table BBQ

Mongolian Mutton BBQ

Japanese Yakiniku BBQ

Lao Lao Bay BBQ

South Seas Fish BBQ

Indian Streetside BBQ Kebabs

Now back to the USA for some Smoker action.

Smoking Turkey

Smoking Brisket

Smoking Baby Back Ribs

If you don't have the serious BBQ munchies by now, make an appointment to see your physician!

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Which one is your favorite?
Mine is the Yugoslavian feast, that looks like a good party!

Love the grilled Polish sausages; right I'm off to eat sausages for brekkie :-)


Yep, it forced me to make a trip to the German market too!

The Japanese and Germany BBQ looks too delicious...Now I'm hungry. D:

I definitely have to try the Japanese style soon. Looks like a fun rainy day bbq fix.

I just had to stop watching this, making me hungry!!!

I'm such a BBQ freak, I have already designed my dream one in my head, I'm going to need a bigger house first and a garden... :-)


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