Want to watch His Dark Materials online?

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His Dark Materials is the name of a brand new TV series produced for and by HBO in cooperation with BBC. When two fantastic networks join forces, we get an awesome product, and that is what we can already know about His Dark Materials after one episode.

It premiered on BBC in the UK on November 3rd, and it was made available on HBO worldwide one day later. The first season consists of eight episodes, and it has already been renewed for a second season (before the first season started). The new episodes air weekly on Sundays in the UK, and then on Mondays on HBO. This is true, not only for HBO Now in the USA but also for everyone with HBO Go access worldwide.

How and where to watch His Dark Materials online?

If you want to watch this program online, but don't live in the UK so you can watch it on BBC, and you do not have access to HBO Now in the USA or HBO Go somewhere else, then the best way is still to stream it on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

If you check the video above you will see how you can watch His Dark Materials online using the VPN services of ExpressVPN.

I haven't seen the pilot episode myself yet, but I will do my best to stream it as quickly as possible, and then give you a short review after that. But, currently, I am very busy watching another brand new HBO show, Watchmen, so I will have to get on track with that before I start streaming His Dark Materials online. If you would rather watch His Dark Materials on HBO Now in the United States instead of on BBC iPlayer, visit hbonow.fromabroad.org for information on how to watch HBO Now online outside the United States.

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Have you seen it? Is it a show that you would recommend?

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Have a wonderful day @unbiasedwriter Cheers !BEER

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I will do my best! Thanks :)

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Hey @unbiasedwriter, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I'm not really sure that the subject matter is something i would really be interested in but if HBO is behind it, it almost has to be at least somewhat good, especially with that cast.

I agree - HBO is really a guarantee of quality, and I do feel as if BBC is a nice guarantee as well. They cooperated recently with the show Gentleman Jack as well. I might not be too interested in the story itself, but the quality is still very good! :)

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