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Why did you cancel the tournament.

It is not my fault that only 2 players participated

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

When the minimum amount of players doesn't get reached (minimum per default is 4, they have set it higher I guess), the software automatically cancels the tournament - Can't blame @battlegames there. You can however blame them for creating tournaments where the minimun amount of entree fees is way higher than the potential payout. But this will just lead to the tournaments no happening and them loosing their creation fees and working time, so they kinda punish themselves for it.

Thanks for the feedback @theaustrianguy, I am trying to find tournament formats where the entry fee is low enough vs the top prize for winning, and I don't want to operate at a loss. I want to be profitable so that the tournaments can be sustainable into the future 😄 The margins for my tournaments vary, for example my gold tourney tonight has total entry fees of 18 STEEM, with a cost of 16 STEEM between payout and setup fee. So I would earn apx 2 STEEM if this tournament goes forward. Tonights Diamond tourney costs 70 STEEM to setup and if it proceeds I would earn apx 10 STEEM.

Both of these tourneys give the players a chance to 10x their entry fee. Gold fee is 1 steem and you can win 10, Diamond is 5 steem entry fee and you can win 50. Im experimenting to find something fun and sustainable, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them 🙏

We have $500+ USD worth of STEEM ready to be handed out in tournament winnings, just need to find fun and sustainable formats.

Hi @quekery, sorry to hear the tournament didn't proceed. In each tournament description I mention that there is a minimum number of participants required to start, for this tournament it was likely 16. The tournament is cancelled automatically if this number of entries is not met, and your entry fee is automatically refunded so there's no risk to you. Sorry this one didn't fill up, hoping future tournaments have a better turn out, thanks for your support.