The Simpson And X-Men Arcade Games, Two Games I Wish Got Ported To Super Nintendo (Or Another Console)

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If you are a little younger you might have missed the arcade days. They are still around (though harder to find) but now-a-days they only really have them in places where you win tickets for a prize you could probably have bought for a lot cheaper if you just went to the store. But there used to be places that were just filled with high quality games that you could not play at home. You would drop quarter after quarter trying to get to the end only to have to restart the next time you went. When systems like Playstation came out and the home version was as good as the arcade there was no point to go out and play them anymore. Most of them got ported but there were some that never really made it to a console. And for this list I am not talking about an Xbox live download but a full game release on a console like Street Fighter 2 and NBA Jam had.

Simpsons Arcade Game

I have great memories with this machine. You could pick anyone from the family, except Maggie, and fight you way across waves of bad guys. There was not much in the game from the cartoon and you took out a lot of generic looking dudes but it was so much fun. I usually picked Marge who had the reach with her vacuum cleaner. It was one of the better beat em' ups and although it would have been a great snes game it never made it. There were a lot of console SImpson games I wonder why this one didn't make it.

Which character did you pick?

X-Men: The Arcade Game

Another beat em up classic. I would say this was one of the best ones ever made. 6 different characters you could use and each one of them had their own special. I spent quarter after quarter trying to make it to Magneto and this was actually one of the only games I remember beating in the arcade (the game just reset, it was kind of disappointing). The only weird thing about it was how did Dazzler make the roster list? On a side note both of these games were made by Konami who also made the Ninja Turtle games. These guys knew how to make beat em ups. Just like the Simpsons I am not sure how this didn't get a snes port. There were other marvel games on the console and this could have been one of the better ones.

Same question which of the six heroes was your favourite?

Have you guys played either of these or have an old school arcade game you miss? And is there still an arcade in your area?


Oh boy, so many memories! I remember that my mom used to take me and my brother to the arcade Mavhines. The simpsons was one of my favs as TMNT. Vintage is great. Those days will never come back. Regards mate!

That would turn out to be amazing if that happens

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You can always go with emulation, right?

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We didn't have many Arcades in my country so I never went to any. I have only vague memories of gaming before I got a PS1.

This X-men game reminds me of some Spiderman game I emulated for SNES, forgot its name though.