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BATTLE.IO is the first Steem front-end that was created for all things gaming. Not only do they offer a place to post topics about your favorite games ( but they also supply users with a tube front end so they can post videos of all their gaming content ( Being a new but fast growing community I'm sure @battlegames would welcome a delegation of NEOXIAN SILVER to help grow not only his own account but the accounts of all the community.

Splinterlands is likely one of the biggest if not the biggest community on the Steem blockchain. While Its true that smaller communities could use the NEOXIAN delegation more then a bigger one does, Splinterlands has done so much for the Steem community that it would be hard to not include them in a list of deserving communities.


One of the newest communities on the blockchain is the best place to read about and post about intrepreneur topics on the Steem Blockchain. I'm sure the owner would put a delegation of NEOXIAN to good use.


@wafrica is always hard at work doing daily curation while also showcasing the content they curated in daily posts. This community is more then deserving of a delegation.

Contest Kings

Contest Kings is a community that support the motto, No Upvote, No Follow & No Resteem. If you run contests and giveaways then I highly recommend you check @contestkings blog for details on how to join their community. They routinely show support to their fellow Steemians and I'm sure they would put a delegation of NEOXIAN to good use.

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Thanks @rentmoney for participate the contest , Your nominated community have been noted and also fyi we increase the delegation amount to 20k , 4k to each community for a month . Announcement Post will be published asap . You got 100 NEOXAG as staked .


Awesome, thanks !

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Thanks for the upvote !

I fully support your choice.

Thanks for stopping by and the support for my nominations.

Awesome!! Thank you so much for the nomination!

BATTLE Token To The MOON ...

greetings @rentmoney

Excelent choices. I made mine too!!!!

Awesome, I'll be right over to check your topic !

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