The end of Google chrome and Mozila's day

in #bat2 years ago

The end of Google Chrome and Mozilla's day Although we have been using Mozilla or Chrome for a long time, I do not think there is any other benefits except browsing. So, thinking about this, Archie's benefits came in the browser. Browsing and Arming A special feature of this browser is to protect it from any harmful site. The site can be blocked by yourself as well. So do not delay and download the Browse Browser from the link below and start working.

Click here

How to Brave Rewards? The first thing to do is download the breve browser. Then open the breve browser and click on the bat icon logo in the top right corner. You have to click on Jain Rewards.

Now how to enable brave rewards. Copy and paste the text below the browser and press enter. chrome: // flags / # enable-brave-reward

Then from the menu below, select from default to enable and click on the option below. Relaunch Now Then the browser will automatically open again and close again.

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