Bastrastanovia Glass Cutter

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The art market is now infused with a wall of protection that is various in it's selection. The opposition of the King has been transparent in their foul intent. The subordinating arm of terror has been addressed in way of exemplification. Protocol issuance is as follows in accordance with the Bastrastanovian glass cutting suspect. Where the military rank is addressed and offered ultimatum. The hypothetical offers ; A special operations commander has offended the King in operating with the association of terror which has declared war on him personally. The result is a request to end the initializing attack upon the King. The request is made to governance positioned Senator in request to execute mission necessary that assumes the apprehension of the terrorist is complete. The date in which ultimatum must be met is provided for the Special operations commander as the first day of the year. In this hypothetical the Special Operations Commander has failed the King. The result is left in propagations example of end means for same class militant ranks. The suggestivity of political movement offers number in which display is represented in analytics. The provenance of the execution exists in eye for an eye example that offers the King's representatives sufferance in similar fashion when finitely offended by terrors associated aggressors. The nation over the sea provides placement in proximity where such hypothetical is offered for revelation. In the story of the glass cutter operation of Bastrastanovia a similar executive action has begun to take place.

The art market and jewel market are closely related. Jewel crafting is a form of artistry. The jewel industry is threatened by poachers. The offering of a raw collection is fitted into the King's inheritance and upon discover the stones appear as a variable when tested. Thus, offering suspect of a glass cutting corrupt operation existing in the nation over the sea. The alliance of the nation over the sea in the nation that boarders Bastrastanovia has been made clear. The ultimatums drafted addressing the citizens have been made public. The request to salvage a nation that's representative of a unique categorization of faith has made request of indictment of leading corruptor and replacement of governance capacity maintained by offender. The consideration for the jewel market considers the suspect of espionage operating within the nation over the sea. The suspect is that the known King line is threatened ini consideration to raw stockpile of gemstones. The initiation of entry considering a multiple of pieces is in aims of discovery that results in suspect of thievery. The questions formulated must address the identifying agency, those with similar gemstones in market, and an abundance of rare items with questionable provenance. Whereby, the jewels stand to shatter a corrupt pool over operatives similar to terrorist subordinating special operations commanders previous interests. The King's loyal militants once again answer the call in example with suggestive mission illuminating number count of operatives existing in propagated execution masked by self infliction stories. However, in this case the selection of operatives selected may not be entirely includise to operative with terrorist forces. Meaning; some of these self infliction special operations commanders have done unto themselves the finite execution resulting in death reporting. The agency of espionage is encountered by passage leaked unto the public in authorship by the hand of the Bastrastanovian King. In the case of suspect, where trace of gemstones results in discover of espionage uncovery, the address is made to those in a similar categorization of militant pool. The public release forecasts address unto espionage believed to be related to the gemstone cutting operation replacing semi-precious gemstones with glass. Whereby, freedom is stripped unto the citizen whom has inherited property of considerable value. The mechanism is believed strategy of the boarder nation to further attempts to default identities of citizenship with rightful inheritance abroad including but not limited to; currency, jewels, and real estate property. The mark in identification has been fox eared by the same day news reporting. Hypothetically; "Should there be perished among the class responsible for the King's jewels stripped, and replaced with glass, the count of suggestive movement shall mirror like glass executions as example for verification by analytics reporting self infliction to the count among the class. The ultimatum attached belongs to the market places offering of appropriate accurate secure services in identification moving forward to reduce accuracy in examples final report verifiable to analytical record come day one the of following year.

An artist, and poet, with world media coverage leaves cryptic poem for raising replacements to the jewel industry for accuracy in future reporting as defining reason. Securitization of wealth where wealth has been earned by families is made mission of the holy following the King whom repent by tithe for their slaughters of corrupt militants deployed throughout the world. The release of self commands the release of employ and strategizes that the King shall be regarded in the utmost of respect.

The jewel market is for address.
A dress made more fashionable by gems.
A touch of marquise at the breast.
Lady fit for a King's hand ever so Victorian.
The crowd full of ladies in line fitting as princesses.
Whom will be Queen?
This jewel is treasure preserved.
The broken stones lay upon the broken street.
Be not broken for a princess ye may be.
Favourite of all beautiful things.
The cut shall be exposed as most brilliant.
The heart of the King is cut as deeply.
Discovery of love.
There is love!
We shall jeer as the rockets come crashing down upon our enemies!
Freedom for the King is the love of a Princess Queened!
For all we shall rise up together and dance the great dance!
Love to all our beloved Royal family.


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