The Best Blog Posting Frequency? #4

Would you join me in learning about making a blog posting schedule on Steem during day 4 of our basic training here because this can be extremely helpful in guiding our creativity in a measured and consistent way?

The Best Blog Posting Frequency is One Post a Day! Steem Basic Training Day #4

Let's take an analogy for running a race. Let's picture we're at a track somewhere and we walk up to the track, we know we need to run around the track, but how many times do we need to go around?

If we just need to run once around the track, we could afford to sprint. Some of us could afford to sprint almost the entire time around the track because we know we just need to make one lap around and we can afford to be exhausted after one lap.

If we need to run four laps, we might want to make a little bit slower pace so that we can make it all four laps without burning out. If we walk up and someone tells us that we need to run 200, or get around the track 200 times, then we definitely do not want to start off sprinting.

In fact, we might want to just walk around the track 200 times because over a period of maybe 10 or 16 hours we could probably comfortably walk around the track 200 times at a nice steady pace.

However, if we tried to sprint or run around the track 200 times, especially fields that are a quarter mile long or about 400 meters, we would find ourselves unable to get through the entire race.

With Steem that is a very important consideration in terms of, how often are we going to post?

Based on six months of experience testing different posting frequencies with as little as one post a week, with as much as three posts a day, I personally think that once a day is the ideal posting strategy.

Most of us are, "What have you done for me lately?" kind of people. In the event that we get a reader who's really excited about what we have to say, we want to have something available as often as possible. We want to have posts that are available on a daily basis. But the problem is, if we do more than one post a day, it gets to be too much. It gets to turn into a sprint where all of a sudden the day comes along and we just can't keep up with it.

I was testing out two and three posts a day because this was doing great for my income. Doing two posts a day making $100 or $200 a post was extremely gratifying, but the problem is doing two posts a day is just like trying to sprint around the track. You can burn out, and then often we end up paying less attention to the quality of each individual post, which makes way for posts that screw things up, that can often cost us a lot of our readers, that can cost us a significant amount of our income.

When we're posting too often, we risk burning out, and when we don't post often enough, we risk losing our attention.

One post a day I think is ideal for a long-term marathon strategy on Steem. If we want to earn the most money on our posts, if we want to bring the most readers, if we want to have a chance at doing Steem full time or at least part-time as a hobby, I think it is ideal to do one post every single day.

The best results I've had have been doing one single post a day.

When I was doing one post a day, I was getting as much as $1,000 on some of my posts because all of the energy on my posts was focused on that one post a day.

The problem is when things go well we are tempted to do more. When I was getting a ton of money on my posts a few months ago, $200, $300, $500, and sometimes $1,000 on one post, that's when I started testing doing more than one post a day, and from there the income dropped significantly because more than one post a day as a reader is way too much.

Sometimes more than one post a week as a reader is too much. One post a day is ideal in terms of getting discovered, that gives us the chance every day to put a post into Google that has a chance to rank in search results, that has a chance to get shared on social media. I think then, when we start from the beginning with a posting strategy that we think we can do indefinitely, then we have a comfortable boundary set.

I do one post a day now and once I've made that one post I don't think about making another post on Steem that day. That frees me up to do other things on Steem. When I try and make two or three posts a day, it's just this never-ending frustration in terms of another Steem post, another Steem post, another Steem post…

It's easy to burn out that way.

If I do less than one post a day the problem is, I start to miss opportunities to reach readers who are willing to read one post a day and I start to go all-in on posts.

Recently I did this one post, it's the only post I did all week, and then the problem is I got too much into that post. I've invested too much into that one post. If it doesn't do well, if the topic’s poor, if it's not good for organic search traffic, then the problem is it's easy to get resentful and say, "Well, forget Steem. I did that post last week and no one voted it. I put my whole week of effort into it and I'm just going to give up."

When we do a post every day, we can let go to some degree. We can say, "Look. I'm going to do a post today and that's my job. My job is to do one post every single day."

I do the post every day and I leave it up to the readers, the upvoters, to decide what to do with that post each day. This provides a nice peaceful way to create. I just do a post every single day, and then whatever happens, happens with it.

That's comfortable for me and today I don't even look at the upvotes on my posts anymore.

On the new posts that I'm making, I don't even look at the upvotes because I'm doing a post every day, that's my job, that's my posting schedule, and therefore it's not my business what people do with it in terms of upvoting it or even commenting or following up.

It's my job to make the post every day, that's what is up to me to do, and I trust everyone else and all of us to do our part. Therefore, it's nice and simple.

I've got my posting strategy, I do my post every day, and then I don't have to obsess over how much income that one post makes because tomorrow I will be trying again with another post.

The day after that I will be trying again with another post, and making a post every single day I'm guaranteed at some point to get a post that hits the trending page. I'm guaranteed at some point to get a post that gets a huge upvote. I'm guaranteed at some point to pick up a reader who loves reading every single day.

Posting every day keeps things simple.

One post a day, and then I'm done.

Thank you very much for enjoying day four of this 28-day Steem Bootcamp.

I wish I would have set and stuck to a posting strategy early on.

I said one post a day to start with and I did that for months, but then I deviated from it trying different posting links, and I have to say the one post a day is the big winner.

Thank you.

I love you.

You're awesome and I hope this was helpful.

Final words

Thank you for reading this blog post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

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I totally agree with you @jerrybanfield, if you post once a day somewhat of quality content you can ensure an audience on your back.


I agree in part but I also think when you have the motivation to post more then you should follow that motivation. My rule is to post at least once a day and then occasionally I'll also post another on the same day if I really feel motivated to.


That is what I am talking about @thelifeofjord, motivation is what gives true value to a post.


I suppose you can always write one post per day (or as many as you're motivated to write) but still actually publish one per day to Steem.

I find it helpful, when I'm trying to blog really consistently, to have a handful of posts written and then just release them on a consistent basis.

I think as a hobby to write post on Steem, one post a week would be ideal. At least for someone as a hobby, but as someone who writes as a "job" one post a day is probably the best. Don't want to have overkill by spamming your followers who miss a day or 2, but enough to keep the active people reading.

More than one post per day is a lot of work... All day you have to think what will be next post... Also our readers are not overhelmed with articles.

Hi ,
Thanks for the great content

I'm enjoying these training videos Jerry. Keep it up!

Jerry has changed, now he wont do any post that is shorter than War And Peace. What happened?

@jerrybanfield why the new focus on very very long posts?

How many people have an attention span longer than a gnat and will make it all the way through?


Posts seem to be YouTube videos that he transcribes and repurposes over to SteemIt. He's killing two birds with one stone... Get a video live on YouTube and have content ready for SteemIt... It's a smart strategy but makes for longer content.

(Watch the videos at 2x speed on YouTube to consume the same content in half the time)

Personnaly, I found it hard to post every single day even if I'm sure it's the best way.
Sometimes I prefer to say nothing than only to fill a gap.
I try every 2-3 days but with original and good contents.
Thank you for the update :)

Hi Jerry....I already translated your post from yesterday into Portuguese as agreed with you yesterday through your comment box...check it's a quite good translation I think.....I had said i could only have it done today because I though it was one of those 20 pages posts but it wasn't. ....remember the curation's on jerrybanfield tag...all the best...I started making the translation of your post for today....this i will probably have it ready only tomorrow because I have to review some linguistic expressions to choose the best for Portuguese from Portugal....All the best


this post is translated ..... made a mistake with the main tag, couldnt change it but also added jerrybanfield ...sent you a message through steemchat

Hey @jerrybanfield,

With you on this one. One post a day makes sense. However, I find it challenging between everything else to get that one post done.

I try to be more quality over quantity ...

Day 4 done!

Thumbs Up Gif.gif

I know this isn't about your post but people need to know about this. This could help some of your friends and even you. Thank you!


always a pleasure to read your post @jerrybanfield! i learn new things everyday!

I do one post a day now and once I've made that one post I don't think about making another post on Steem that day. That frees me up to do other things on Steem.

I can definitely see where you're coming from. The past two days I've only been doing one post a day, in the morning when I wake up, and then because I feel so accomplished for getting that one post out for the day, I go around doing curation and interacting with other people's posts.

Solid tips @jerrybanfield, thank you so much!

This caught my attention. I believe people need to see this. This 28 days bootcamp is a good thing. Will follow through as much as i can.

Your post has been resteemed to my 2500 followers

Upvote this comment if you like this service

I agree @jerrybanfield, one post a day seems the best - @go2sheila

It depends....I am inserting the Bible on the blockchain.....I am starting with Genesis.....I tried to have one post a day through steemauto's scheduled posts but it was generating links that were different from the title....and I need the links on the different pages of the Bible to it's following pages so I had to repeat some chapters of Genesis so that the links are all correct...and now sometimes I post many posts in one day because the most important is that someone can read the bible from the beginning through the end following the links on the pages(Genesis 1 to Genesis 2, etc)

i joined steemit through your facebook ads

thanks so much for the info. I realized that posting very often was not very beneficial because your content diluted too much and I started to adopt this one or two post at the most, although of course there are times when work in the real world influences and does not allow posting every day. However I limit myself to posting only once a day and I am pleased that this information tells me that I am doing the right thing, but of course from a much lower level of earnings

nice post sir & love you sir

good informations @jerrybanfield
thank you for youre effort in steemit and in youtube and in facebook

very informative for beginners for blogging. I am also a beginner to blogging . Steemit is the one inspired me for blogging and I learnt lot from people like you
Thanks @jerrybanfield

I am just getting started on steemit and so far have only made one post. Your posts are quite long. Can you share what is the best length for a post? I notice that some posts are extremely short and only contain a picture, a short statement or a link.

hi jerry, thanks for inviting me to steemit. i joined here after watching your youtube video

Thank you i learn from you

I think one post a day is a great way to go, but sometimes even this might be too much. So for me the goal is to post once a day if I do not need to neglect my family for achieving this. 😀
All over the time I’ve been here I’ve posted more than one post a day on average even tough therevwere some days without posts.

This is awesome. But i think its equally best to make atmost 2 posts a day most especially when you make an average of $2 per day in order to stand more chance of earning high.

When you have few fanbase like @jerrybanfield you need to consistently put up atlmost 2 write ups a day in order to grow your community.

If the last time you made a piece at reputation below 40 with average $2 per post, ill advice to reconsider my points

Nice article Jerry!

Hay sir it's really great to know what you do think about this platform and the one day one post strategy and why should we do that . It's really great post and help many like me understand what I should focus on ... Thanks sir for your guidance to us .

Thank you Jerry and have a nice weekend :)

I upvote and resteem you, please follow me...

I always have seen your video on your youtube channel .I have learned marketing tips from your youtube channel.I have subscribed your channel.And I want to learn from your steemit tutorial.I am waiting for your next post.

Hi Jerry remember me?? I am jh limon??

I agree. I committed to writing every day about a month ago, and it's working beautifully with Steemit. Some days are poop, but that's ok. It's like the Writer's Way sort of.

Really helpful, thanks so much!

Hi i am read your blog post. it's good content. thanks @jerrybanfield

Thanks again, another good point to remember.

This is great advice thanks :D

I tend to torch that one as you know. Yes I do have a lot to say. I spend a lot of time traveling around steemit and see a lot of misconception, especially about steem and the steem blockchain. That is why my posts of late are all about steem, outlining what I think is the realistic potential on here.

There are so many who believe that steemit is all there is. There is much more going on than just this site (although it does act as an entry point). Sadly, people expect perfection out of the box and software/apps do not work that way. I am fully confident in the development teams working on steemit, dtube, and zappl.

That said, I look forward to meeting you next saturday.


bilgiler harika bende günde bir mesaj yazmaya gayret ediyorum

easy enough to say, very difficult to do with any success. with curation people wanting long detailed articles packed with interest, a really good article takes either a professional writer or an eclectic mind to realize, plus a good few hours to produce. more realistic would be short succinct articles with not much information and lots of photos to allude to content. ever since doing an article on how much bid bot abuse goes on and seeing the realities of people curating the same type of post, i'm convinced that posting has less to do with quality and more to do with putting out decent content then upvoting the shit out of it for profit. and that's a sad state of affairs.

I really need this.. thank you again @jerrybanfield for this great post

It's a good posting interval, I would like to apply to my posts - but only if I have something to say :) It should be a balance of quality and quantity, otherwise it's just fluff.
Good teaching post, @jerrybanfield!

I agree with you. You are right @jerrybanfield

A great strategy, for beginners, it's better to write as many posts every day. They can only come to the radar of the big bloggers.

you are the Awesome man, Always waiting for your post which will definitely be informative. I watch your video on youtube and know lot of new thing about steemit

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@jerrybanfield, I agree with you! and learned a lot from your post, Thank you so much! I have vote your post, even if my poor SP. :-)

Excellent article Jerry!

muzakirpb upvote, posting is perfect

Thanks for sharing, I found the post quite interesting and I did follow

Now we know @jerrybanfield. Thanks again for your post..

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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i always watch your video in youtube.
today i watch in steemit..thank you for your sharing...

Your basic all training i followed.I would gain help.So,I thank you for sharing this training.

man...I translated 2 of your last posts into promessed an upvote of at least's not much but you are not fulfilling man....I though you were on the right side of the force when I saw comments from guys attacking on some of your old posts but this makes me disapointed......not even an answer? All the best

Thanks for your post jerrybanfield, about one post a day it looks as a good advice, perhaps with 2500+ followers that could be a good posting frequency because the income will be enought in just one good post, but for a new user with less than 500 followers that could not be enought, at the beggining a frequency of 3 or 5 post will give more exposure to a wider audience, and as time goes by the user can slow down to 2 posts or even 1, well your mileage may vary depending on the topics you write about, and of course the language it's very important too writting in spanish only or french or german will make things more difficult than writting in english. but in my case I can learn from your knowledge and experience even when my first language is spanish. :)

@jerrybanfield, you are right. Posting double and multiple of times shows that someone is curious of income most of the time and not what your followers will benefits. Posting once in a day will make you focus more on the quality and creativity of that single post per day. Thereby driving traffics to your post. I support your motive sir

Jerry, watching your videos on all things Steem have given me cause to get going. I've got a lot to learn and you have taught me a lot already. Keep it up and I'll keep following you.

Thanks for the tip, I think one post a day is good not burn out as well,

I've seen your video, I've got a lot of videos, I've understood all of them

Thanks Jerry, for such helpful tips.

I started posting once a day and noticed how much my productivity increased and with less time and energy, I posted longer and more original posts.

You are a great blogger. I join your youtube link because your every post is very helpful for me. I learn a lot from your post. Thans for invite.

Followed and upvoted, Jerry! I like your idea of 1 quality post per day. I am going to mull it over!

It's my job to make the post every day, that's what is up to me to do, and I trust everyone else and all of us to do our part. Therefore, it's nice and simple.

@jerrybanfield I love how you explain this exchange of value here. It really simplifies the process and expectations so that the creators and curators can do what they do best.

Great ideas here and your posting frequency strategy is most definitely something I will consider.

I'm still relatively new here and one thing I do struggle with is when I put a ton of time into a post, only to get a minimal (and sometimes zero) response. I've been working on detaching from those results as I understand it's a process, however sometimes I'm concerned that the lack of engagement could hinder my creative drive.

In regards to what I just mentioned, do you have any advice that comes to mind?

This really simplifies the biggest problem with getting started and falling into the pitfalls of getting discouraged with posting after being so excited when signing up. Everyone I know who signed up and ghosted did so because they had no direction on posting frequency and attitude toward posting in that frequency.