Getting paid for seeing (instead of watching) ads

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Banners App is another one of these ways to earn crypto that I effortlessly used without thinking about it.

I love any gains that come from a tool that turns anything I'm already doing prior to using it into revenue. Not changing one's habits but now earning from it, I guess we could consider this as passive income.

In the present case, Banners App rewards me for seeing an ad each time I unlock my phone. It takes a second and simply requires me to press close.

There is the possibility to set a ratio for the frequency you wish to go through this ad seeing exercise. I personally choose 100% of the times but you can decide for it to be 2, 4, 6, or 8 out of 10 of the times.

Also, you get to select which type of ads you wish to be shown depending on your interests. Again, I try to enable as many categories as possible so has to optimize the number of ads I get.

The limit of ads you can see for a day is 150, the maximum for an hour is 15. This is represented by the points in your Dashboard. At the end of the week, it turns the points into the Futurenet Dollar (FND) you receive. One FND equals one USD.

But when you withdraw, you need to provide a Futuro Coin (FTO) address. You'll then be able to sell your FTO at one of the exchanges where it is listed. You'll see how much FTO your FND is worth when accessing the withdrawal section.

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