Exposing the Central Banksters Vile Hidden Agenda

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Exposing the Central Banksters Vile Hidden Agenda by Rory, The Daily Coin

Yanis Varoufakis recently published what happened during his short lived position as Greece's Finance Minister. For those that have followed the collapsing European Union you may remember Mr. Varoufakis was very out spoken, often times disagreed with Prime Minister Tsipras and was not afraid of the deadstream media and their attempts to spin the reality of what was happening in Greece.

Secret meetings with Larry Summers, people phoning in the middle of the night threatening your step-son because you say bad things about the bank, secret recordings from Europe Group meetings. Source
This is the opening of the video below. Mr. Varoufakis confirms what has long been believed to have happened during ii 2015 when Mr. Varoufakis resigned as Finance Minister. We know to be true that Prime Minister Tsipras met behind closed doors with Ms. "F**k the EU" Victoria Nuland shortly before Varoufakis resigned. Was this one of the deciding factors for his resignation?
The story of Greece should not really matter for the rest of the world, it is too small; it should matter for us Greeks. It shouldn't really matter to you in Sweden, to the Brits, to the Americans. Greece is a little like the canary in the mine. Source
Once again, something a great analyst have suspected for some time. The derivatives associated with Greek sovereign debt is a massive problem for the world. If these derivatives become unstable or go belly-up the global financial system would collapse. The global banking system would collapse. The central banks would not be able to stop the systemic explosion originating from this tiny nation with a tiny GDP. It truly is the canary in the coal mine. If the canary dies, the signal would engulf the globe in a matter of days, if not hours.
The liberal establishment the is now protesting Donald Trump, Brexit, LePen and so on massively mishandled the Greek crisis. It is indicative of the way the liberal establishment has lost the plot, internationally, after 2008.

Very often I caught myself in meetings with very powerful people who were caught up in a trap of their own making in a way that only Shakespeare can relate.

"Adults in the Room" in a sense relates and reflects the contempt the establishment has for the people. They refer to themselves as adults and of course the children are the masses out there who supposedly, out there, are the source of all the illegitimacy of a properly functioning democracy. Source
The liberal establishment, as many have come realize, may actually hate the populace of their own country. It appears, from where I sit, the people in Washington DC rarely even think about the people they supposedly represent, much less act as if they have our best interest at heart. They seemingly could care less about us or our communities as it is not their community and it is not their wealth that is being affected by the policies thrust upon us. At times it seems they do, in fact, see as "useless eaters" as described by Warren Buffett.

The Greek bail-out, as described by Mr. Varoufakis, was not about rescuing the "lazy Greeks, who had spent the summer dancing" but about rescuing the French and German banks. As anyone paying attention knows the French and German banks have been teetering on a cliff's edge for close to a decade and if not for the imaginary, printed out of thin air currency by the European Central Bank these banks would have imploded as soon as Greece and the other PIIGS nations became members of the EU and began using the euro.

Greece should have never been admitted to the European Union. The Troika, Goldman Sachs and the other vultures that "assisted" Greece knew all too well their economy was not only out of balance with the other members of the EU but the debt that had already been amassed was outside the guidelines for any nation to join the EU. With a little monetary magic, fraudulent bookkeeping, viola! Greece becomes a full-fledge member of the EU. We know what has happened from this point. If you are not familiar start searching "greece odious debt" here.

This interview paints the appropriate picture of criminals gone wild. Mr, Varoufakis is one of the few people to share what has happened from the inside. Spend a few minutes to get a look behind the curtain.

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