Warmest Regards Scholarly Steemians,

Bank On Steemit, your No.1 prototype bank on the Steem blockchain is out with something new: A WEEKLY SBD GIVEAWAY. This is the maiden edition, but as this initiative advances, it shall feature different forms of contest and higher reward pool.

This initiative is aimed at giving back to the Steemit Community, empowering and putting smiles on the faces of individuals.

This week's giveaway is slated thus...


  1. Join our Discord Channel

  2. React to our "SBD GIVEAWAY POST" on our discord server

  3. Upvote and Resteem this Post.


This week's prize pool is 3 Steem Dollars which would be shared evenly across 6 winners.


Winners shall be randomly selected by the Give Away Bot hosted on our Discord Server.


Your chances of selection is totally dependent on how often you interact in our discord channel and how lucky you get at the random selection. No sentiments apply.

FAQs Section

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Wow... The weekly contest is a welcome development... SBD GIVEAWAY is the focus..
I just reacted to the SBD GIVEAWAY POST..
I hope to be among the lucky winners...
Rules followed 100%
Thanks for bringing up such an avenue that will put smiles on people's face...

This is an awesome initiative, a means of giving away to enhance community growth. The rules are just simple and the mean through which the winners will emerge is fair
I say KUDOS to you!!!
Upvoted, Resteemed and reacted to on the discord channel

Wonderful initiative. We are glad to be a part of Bank on Steemit. Cheers to the community. I will go on the channel. Upvoted, resteemed, followed, reacted on discord and fully in participation. Let's do this.

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