New Account for travelers and fee free users

in banking •  10 months ago

I got invited to join Revolut which is an app for your phone initially but has a Mastercard that can be bought for £5 in the uk (other charges for other countries).
I havent ordered a card yet but will do at that price.

My main reason for joining was that you can hold bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin apparently and purchase from bank account seemlessly.

The fees involved are far less than others tok which is a massive bonus and also are able to spend using the plastic card! All around the world.

The biggest saver is the fact you can hold GBP in your account, pop over to india and spend using the card. It converts for free at the best possible rate automatically.

I see this as a game changer.

Supposedly fee free sepa payments too!!!

If you fancy helping me out to unlocking the crypto currency part early, use this link to sign up with!crypto

**I take no responsibility for any actions you take with Revolut or any other monetary transactions made from reading this post **

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