Jaime Dimon The Symbolism of His Broken Arm

in #bank4 years ago

Screenshot_20171013-225104.jpgI saw a new video of today of Jamie Dimon the chairman for the jpmorgan chase bank. I thought about how I kind of felt sorry for him because he's going to miss out on millions or billions of profit.

Then I googled "spiritual meaning of a broken arm". By the way theres spiritual meanings for injuries you may get and theres spiritual meanings for everything.

But I found that the spiritual meaning of a broken arm is - can indicate impending disputes and losses. Weakness, loss, helpless to help others, limited and constrained ability to act.

The Possible Positive Aspects:
It is time to change your status on a project you are working on. Your subconscious is giving you a heads up about somtheing in your life. Be mindful of everyone and everything going on around you.

And all this is happening coincidentally while Bitcoin is booming to all time highs AGAIN!


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