Eating around Bangkok

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Here a bit of our gastronomic trip in BKK :P

I love Thai food, specially Pad Thai so we tried it in so many places, the one we most liked it was in a Street food place in Phaya Thai, our hotel was there so we could go there several days. We even went the last day in Bangkok before going to the airport, a sad goodbye :(

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I remember a day that @joythewanderer and I ate something in a street food place and after that met another friend and went to a restaurant to eat more. After that we went to an Asian desserts place, and later we ate a crepe. This was too crazy and we ate too much because after that I was feeling so sick. But it was worth it ;P

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WhatsApp Image 2019-10-27 at 12.18.42.jpeg

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WhatsApp Image 2019-10-27 at 12.21.45.jpeg

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Looking delicious!

it was!! :D

another friend... xd

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What happens? ;)

looks like you had an amazing time... that chicken leg looks legit

yeees I had... i love Asian food!!

All the dishes are looking very tasty. You have clicked the pictures well. Hope I can taste it.

thanks!!! you should, pad thai <3

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I know.. I have to work T_T I wish i could go :( my friend is going!

Hey i noticed you downvoted my latest post what's up with that?

Me?? Or whom?? I didn't do anything :/ Someone downvoted the comment of ocdb on my post

ahh to ocdb

Hi, why you downvote my original post? Do you see boosters vote or you do it automatically???

Same... are you saying it to me or to whom? :/

ohh maybe to ocdb?

Sorry, it's not for you

why did you buy votes for others on upmewhale? just curious

this is my gratitude to them for the flags set to my post))