Second Try Making Honey Oat Bread

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Yesterday, during the middle of the night, I tried making some oat bread on a sudden whim. It didn't turn out that great. It's actually pretty good, but it didn't rise as much as I would hope, and it was too sweet, and just a hair too salty. I actually tend to try to keep low on the salt, or at least I have in the past. Americans eat way too much salt. So, I decided that I would try making the bread again, and this time I would half the salt and half the honey. While some might like the honey sweet bread, I actually like just normal bread myself.

You can find the original recipe this was based on here.

2 cups boiling water
1 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup honey
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoons salt
1 (.25 ounce) package active dry yeast
1/2 cup warm water
4 cups bread flour

I started out just the same as before, pouring the 2 cups freshly boiled water into the mixing bowl with 1 cup of oat meal and adding the honey. Only this time I added half as much, with just 1/4th cup. I also added a teaspoon of salt. I was risking a lot that this bread might not turn out right by changing the recipe so much. Maybe it would taste bland. Oh well. Not like it could be as bad as the usual crap they sell in stores.

I also realized that I forgot to add the 2 tablespoons butter here that I was supposed to before. I corrected that mistake and did so now. Went in really easy because it was still hot, so the butter just melted right off the tablespoon.


I wasn't nearly as strict with the time as I was before. The recipe said to wait an hour with the oats. I didn't wait nearly that long. I just went over to the computer for a bit, then put some water in a measuring cup and waited til the water cooled down enough I didn't think it would boil the yeast alive.

Sorry, you don't get to see the disgusting yeast this time. I didn't take nearly as many pictures.

It actually ended up coming together a lot easier than last time. I didn't have to use nearly as much extra flour. But that recipe above isn't exactly right. I actually ended up running out of standard all-purpose flour. So I ended up finishing off the last 1/2 cup flour that wasn't quite full with maybe 1/4th cup flax seed meal. Flax is always good to add anyway. It's good for you. Got some omegas and shit. Then I ended up using rice flour to top it off a bit and get it to come together a bit more.


I used a bit of rice flour while scraping the edge of the mixing bowl to get it to release.

Once it did, I put it in a glass pan that I oiled. The same one I used for the bread yesterday!


Don't worry, I washed it. I also oiled the dough a bit. Bit hard to oil dough with a brush though.

I then covered it with a wet towel and let it rise...before realizing it would be a lot smarter to turn on the over to it's lowest setting for a few minutes and put it in there.


Now that's floofy!

I put the brood in the ooven at 350 Fahrenheit until it was golden broown.


It looks seriously pretty in real life. I guess some people would want to put the honey and oats on top like in the original recipe, but I like it just fine like this. I never really got the whole thing how people just put stuff on top of things so it can just fall off. I prefer if it's like embedded in it.

I have to say, it's like seriously good. It's super soft and fluffy. It's actually so soft it's hard to cut. And because my pan is so fat and wide, I'm actually gonna need a bigger knife.


I'm gonna have to pick up a smaller baking pan. Something more appropriately sized for baking bread, or a bigger knife. I'm thinking I'm gonna check out some second hand shops to find something.

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That looks like a truly beautiful breaed.

This reminds me of my own bread making forays. It took me more than 2 tries to make acceptable bread though.

It's fun stuff. Kind of like a chemistry project that you can eat :)

I love baking with rolled oats. Even if you can't really see or taste a lot of it after baking it adds a bit of texture. Though most of the time I put some on the top, too ;)


I think it's pretty clear in the taste. Without the oats it's just like white bread. I think the flax adds a bit of something too. I think I'm gonna keep making this regularly, so I don't have to worry about getting bread as often. Though so far, I seem to eat it more when I make it. :P Probably cuz it tastes better than the store stuff.


We simply can't resist the taste and especially the smell of freshly baked bread :)

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