Bakari Henderson Must Not Have Been Aware of Greece's Environment

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The story of Bakari Henderson is a very sad one. Just graduated from college and embarking on his life as an adult! He was about to start a business in the fasion industry and decided to travel to Greece. Unfortunately it sounds like he was unaware of the environment in Greece for the past several years.

This report for example, came from 2014... nearly 3 years ago.

I also remember seeing this story covered by ViceNews on HBO.

Just as this report suggested, a rapper by the name of Pavlos Fyssas a.k.a. Killah P was murdered by "Golden Dawn". He was not the first and we'd be foolish to think they haven't continued. This is a terrorist organization that again, has been running things in Greece for as far back as 2013....

Just like with Nazi Germany, what has been happening in Greece for the past several years makes it a very dangerous place for immigrants. Most especially for anyone of African descent. There is a reason the men who murdered Bakari Henderson felt 'comfortable' doing so.

A Report from 2013 - "Is Greece Turning into Nazi Germany?"

Meanwhile this 'rise in white nationalism' is happening all over the world. Also, 3 years ago Vice talked about what was happening in France. We have seen several unfortunate incidents there, since this report came out. This is the full episode from way back when Vice News was just getting a big platform. Greece was part of this report on the Rise of the Far Right in Europe.

So, while it's a very sad and unfortunate story, clearly Bakari Henderson was not around the right people. His 'friends' should have informed him that it was not safe. When we ignore stories like these, and ignore the ugly realities of racism (and the ignorance it's attached to), we allow for a more dangerous world. Bakari Henderson should be alive today, pursuing his dreams. But he went to a country where he was unwelcomed, because apparently he missed all these reports.

So did his friends....

Rest in peace and hopefully America will respond to this grave injustice against one of it's bright, accomplished and decent citizens.

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