SimGirl And Snook's Bad Karaoke Contest - Round 6 Entry - Owl City: FireFlies ruined by SirCork

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Hey Again Steemitizens

Lately, I've been trying posting on alternative sites like dlive, dsound, and others, just to keep in touch with what's happening around the platform.

Today, I got asked to enter this contest, so I figure, trying out contests is kinda like trying out other interfaces to the chain, right? Doing something different than I usually do, I guess, is the thing I'm trying to explain here. Maybe it's good to try that sort of thing now and then? The things we don't usually do?

I don't normally enter contests on the platform, preferring to let even smaller minnows than me take their shots at them. And I definitely love to sing, but nobody loves to hear me do it.

But I got asked... so here is my awkward, uncomfortable karaoke video.

I really like fireflies, and I really like this song, and I don't sleep right, and it touches on that too. So there's that. That's why I picked this song to massacre for #KickAssKaraoke Round Six - formerly known as #BadKaraoke if @Snook and @SimGirl do indeed decide to change the name. If so, I leaked it here first. I hope that doesn't screw up my chances of winning!

(By the way, I don't even know what the prize is. I am doing this for fun, and cause I was invited to participate.)

Here is my entry:

Here's the original:

For a brief comparison, I overlaid a short clip of the the original with the matching section of my karaoke version, sloppily aligning the audio tracks on the fly from youtube by ear and doing so badly.

If you would like to enter the Bad Karaoke Contest:

  • Make a post of your entry or leave a video in the comments.
  • Post your entry on your Steemit page and use the tag #badkaraoke.
  • Copy a link to your post and include it in a comment on this post and also make sure you upvote and resteem the competition post.
  • Tell all your friends to vote for your entry by upvoting your comment.

If you want the contest to grow please resteem this post.

Original Contest Post:

Vote for me for #BadKaraoke!

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Bad karaoke + @Sircork =
unnamed (8).gif
Ehh... Where's my cockroach attire, I need before he reaches me.


I told you once already!


Haha! Awesome effort DudeMaster!

Fun comes in many shapes and forms and the greatest is when ya just "go with it" and say fuck it to credibility or the big black fear of looking out of your depth.LOL.

Nice example for those who are too anal or superior to give it a go, life's waaaaay too short man.

#CorkyforPresident ;)


Hehe I like your campaign slogan!

I have a couple mottos I live by,

Live out loud
Be fearless

There are probably others, and I am definitely adding #CorkyForPresident to the list!

Thanks for the painful listen! :)

Lionel Richie you're not. Congrats , really bad. Horribly bad, actually ;)


Damn, and I really wanted to Party, Fiesta, All Night Long, too!

Damn buddy, thanks for making me feel good about my bad singing. I still won't have the balls to videotape myself doing it, so +1 for you.


Yay! +1 for me! :D


Next time join us @r0nd0n! Hahaha...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh :D

I'm smiling so wide!!!!!!!! You REALLY did it!!!! Yaaaaaaaaa!

Great Job!!!!!!!!!

See it is FUN :D


I always do what I sez I'm gonna do. :)

And that's a promise, lil lady.


Still Smiling! Thank you for that!! :D

I LOVED it! A softer side of Cork. ;0)

And you sang it really well too!


Aw you are too kind.

Don't tell anybody about that softer side, I still don't want anybody getting sleepy on the job around here...

Thank you!

Absolutely one of the best things I've seen all day! You rocked it, Cork. :-)


pffft generous of you!

Thanks for listening!

The first time I hear you sing, your voice almost brought down my roofing. 😂
I guess this will be inspiring. Well done sir, I should consider this contest then since @sircork can do it. I should, I can and I will...


Oh crap, sorry I broke your roof! I'm not gonna pay for that...


Oh, really?
I hope there is still “Hope” for me? 😔


Sure, just none for your roof :)


Lol... Thank you sir

It's got fireflies in the video - that's awesome. And your actually a really good singer - and I really do like this song. This is far too good, not a bit of bad in it at all!



Wow those are really kind things to say! And the fireflies were the fun part! :D

Wow! Awesome song. You did great! Thank you for entering.


Thanks for having it :)

Wahahahahahaha..... BOOM!!!!!!

Awesome singer! Look like you drunk! Wahihihi...


Yeah Kenny bro, @sircork seems drunk after all he is calling that cockroach attire "IT'S GIANT FIREBREATHING COCKROACH ARMOR!". Man accept it that's a cockroach attire and nothing else.


Hahaha... You're dead to @sircork! LOL

I have voted you



aweesome my friend lol, really cool, :p lml



I just returned from New Orleans where REALLY talented people bust their ass in some bar night after night, cranking out the tunes for tips... and you probably just made more money on this post than most of them make in a night... LOL!


Yeah, and I am not even really talented! :D


I didn't say that... but can I quote you?


I didn't say that...

@sircork this is not bad at all. You being a little bit dramatic is really funny. U didn't suck at it as I thought at first, I guess I will be giving you a second thought on singing.


Hahahaha, It's better if you don't watch it, because the video sync is off the mic, and it makes it "sound" off, but if you listen without the video, it's not entirely tragic. Sort of. much...

Wow. I bow down to that, Bud. Kudos. ;-)


Nah. Yah? Nah...

Thank you for playing, Tiny! :D <3

I love this song!


I do too :) But I'd love it more if you sang it and not my flat ass voice :D