Bad, Bad Karaoke Contest- Summer Edition- 32 Steem Up for Grabs!

It's Summer, Summer, Summertime...



@simgirlandsnook and @molovelly introduce to you the Summer Edition of Bad, Bad Karaoke. For the next two weeks we will be giving everyone a chance to win the 32 Steem prize that has been collected during our challenges. The Steem collected will be split between the winners depending how many entries there are at the end of the two week contest.

Each Day we will post a new contest challenge on the @simgirlandsnook page, and you will have a chance to enter the contest. You may enter the contest as many times as you like, but each entry must be a new Bad, Bad Karaoke performance.

On June 12, 2019 we will be adding up the upvotes for each contestant's entries and we will be awarding the prizes. The more you enter, the better your chance to win!


Here is a Bad, Bad Karaoke Contest example by @simgirl and @snook. This duet was made by using the Twitch Sings game on Remember you don't have to be BAD at karaoke to join, you just don't have to be GOOD to win!

Duet upvotes will be counted for the person who enters the post into the comments. For both singers to receive the upvotes counted toward the final prize, the duet will need to be entered by both performers.


We will accept any video, of any kind. You don’t have to show your face or your body. You can use alternative accounts, or disguise your voice if needed, but the voice must at least be the person entering the contest.

We must at least require that!!

Most of all- Have fun! This is not a serious competition. We just want to see you singing karaoke!!!

Remember- Always sing safely, and don’t hurt yourself.


If you would like to enter the Bad Karaoke Contest

• Make a post about your entry or leave a video in the comments.

• Post your entry on your Steemit page and use the tag #badkaraoke.

• Copy a link to your post and include it in a comment on this post.

• Tell all your friends to vote for your entry by upvoting your comment.

• Upvote this post before the end of the payout period.

• If you want the contest to grow please resteem this post.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Bad, Bad Karaoke Challenges!


We'd like to thank everyone for their support and love for the Bad Karaoke contest and wish nothing but Bad, Bad Karaoke fun for everyone!!! If you would like your name included or removed from our posts please let us know in the comments.

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Happy Singing!!

Snook, Simgirl and Molovelly


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Hello lovely ladies! :D
I went onto but couldn't figure out how to make the video or find the songs list.
I hope you get a lot of entries though. :D Good luck to all those that can figure it out. :D
God bless you both. :D Have an awesome day! :D

I had to search a bit to find the game too. I copied the install link so if you click it, Twitch sings will be downloaded to your PC. You will still need to have a account to play the game. But you don't need Twitch sings to enter the contest, you can make a video using any recording device.

Thank you very much lovely lady! :D

I love that little trampoline picture you included, very cool. :D

God bless you. :D Have an awesome day my friend! :D

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That's really great. I love karaoke, I may participate #pypt

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@simgirlandsnook great idea, hope the contest goes well. Giving out SBI units is a great plan. Thanks for sharing this on #pypt @simgirl

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Very awesome, ladies!

Now to see if I can get this to work with my laptop! (And if I can find any more squirrel songs to practice with.)

bad bad karaoke is right around the corner and I still have a long way to go and become a part of this.
Let's see, I will try my best
thanks for the reminder on pypt

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Do we have to submit an entry for the specified songs or it can be any song like before?