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It’s nice and chilly at the moment in Sydney, so the portable outdoor heaters are in use. Bars, restaurants, cafes, they all use them. You can see four of the heaters in the above photo outside The Australian Heritage Hotel. They’re supposed to provide heat to allow customers to sit outside even though it’s cold out. Good on ‘em.

Now I myself enjoyed physics back in high school. I thought it was the most relevant subject because it dealt with real world stuff. What we learned you could actually see, touch, smell, or hear… it was real, and the experiments were great. But even if you weren’t a fan of physics like me, you’re probably still aware of a simple fact regarding air and temperature, and that is that…

Hot air rises!

So if hot air rises…why in the world would you put the heater…AT THE TOP???

It makes no sense, and I just don’t get it.

Didn’t anybody test this before going into production?

What amazes me about products like this, is that regardless of their flaws, they still get manufactured. But not only do they get manufactured, they get manufactured in the thousands if not millions. These outdoor heaters are everywhere and they are useless. Not only useless, but they are wasting gas, materials, and money. You would think this would deter people from buying/renting them..but alas, it does not.

So, problem? YES!

Opportunity, hell yeah!

Imagine, whatever you come up with, will replace every single one of these.

Ka-tching!…. so what are you waiting for? 

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