Backets1-11 Anonymous Unauthenticated Access to Classroom Youtube Live Archives atop the SERP=Search Engine Results Page

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Backets1-11 Anonymous Unauthenticated Access to Classroom Youtube Live Archives atop the SERP=Search Engine Results Page

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Backet1-11 Give Steems & Upvote Participants In Live-Broadcast Stream Of Classroom Anonymous Unauthenticated WWW Access To Youtube-Live/Facebook-Live Archives Atop The SERP=Search

backtest Steems upvote live now broadcast stream of classroom anonymous unauthenticated www access to Youtube-live/FaceBook-live archives atop the serp=search

Using a cellphone on you, right
Now + connectivity to the WWW on this phone can you go to Google ( ) with this phone (or any other device that can surf the WWW, you go to Google with this phone and type this keyword: “backtest1,” no spaces one single word. I'll write it for you here, on a piece of paper and then you can understand better what I do.

So, you have entered into the Google search box the
1st key work “BackTest1,” which is the word “Backtest,” followed by the number one “1.” What you should see is me teaching at the University during the 1st week of the semester, at the top the
SERP=Search Engine Results Page:

If you are using a computer Google will display the “About 14,500 results (0.50 seconds) “message followed by the SERP.” That means that out of “About 14,500 results” that Google found, this classroom archived live broadcast stream is number #1. That speeds the anonymous unauthenticated access of the surfer. All the surfer has to do, is simply type the keyword that represent the name & topic of the course, Backtest, in the present class, and the week number, #1 in a semester of about 11 weeks, without exam weeks, and the surfer sees the thumb nail of the class at the top of the SERP.

The surfer should see something like the following hyperlink and information:

“BackTest1.4-MyVideo-130925-145958 - YouTube
▶ 5:03

Sep 25, 2013 - Uploaded by drarushi
BackTest1.4-manacc-AccoEnvi_45-53_8Q&A 1) The professional association of management accountants is ...”

That implies that this is BackTest1.4, week number 1 of the semester, and the 4th level of difficulty (the fraction following the #1). It is “MyVideo” recorded at “130925” = Sep 25, 2013, at the afternoon during my class “145958,” 2.59 minutes & 58 seconds East-Coast USA time. It includes the YouTube Video for backtest1, and the video elapsed play back time equals ▶ 5:03=5 minutes and 3 seconds. Than it displays the URL of the video”

followed by the upload time: Sep 25, 2013 – and the uploader “Uploaded by drarushi.”
BackTest1.4 than abbreviates the topic which is Management Accounting (manacc) & the Accounting Environment (AccoEnvi), as well as the number of Questions & Answers (45-53_8Q&A 1), followed by a sample of the content of the lecture: “The professional association of management accountants is ...”
Following is a sample of the description and the quiz Q&A, starting with the author, published on date, the number of subscribers and the 1st question, question #1 + its matching correct answer, correct answer #1 is D:
Published on Sep 25, 2013
BackTest1.4-manacc-AccoEnvi_45-53_8Q&A 1) The professional association of management accountants is known as the: 1) _______ A) Institute of Internal Auditors B) American Institute of Certified Public Accountants C) Securities and Exchange Commission D) Institute of Management Accountants

  1. _____________ 1) D

Click it & it ports you, the surfer into Youtube & playback the video. If you want the transcript of the lecture, simply find the 3 horizontal dots, at the right most icon at the bottom of the video box, and click it. Youtube will pop up the “Report, Open transcript, & Add translation” popup menu. Select the “Open transcript” & click it. The “Transcript” header will appear followed by the time code & it machine transcript phrase, as follows:
so now I put the quiz in here control V
and upload and share which means that
you'll be able to find it I know that we
all don't have an idea this is to teach

Notice, that Youtube marks the current speaker professor’s cursors’ position background color in gray so it makes it easier to follow the machine & correct the machine’s transcription errors, especially for foreign accents.

Whenever you display the complete details of the description foiled of the Youtube video, Youtube should display the test of my lecture. Since, you are using a cell phone you will have to press the small down arrow at the right hand side of the bottom of the video for Youtube playback to expose the entire description field.

Alternatively, if you surf the web on a computer or a tablet, you may have to press the [Show More] button icon for Youtube to display the entire description field. You can see that the author is number one worldwide. Or in other words these videos top the SERP for this key word.

Let’s compare Bing to Google, Yahoo, & AOL’s SERP:
Entering “Backtest1” into Bing produce the following search hyperlink on 3/31/2018:

with the Bing following SERP:
2,140 results any time

  1. BackTest1.4-MyVideo-130925-145958 - YouTube

Sep 25, 2013 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.
BackTest1.2-MyVideo 131201 152956

Notice the 2nd hit, when clicked provides the following output:
BackTest1.2-MyVideo 131201 152956
102 views102 views
0 0 Share

Published on Dec 1, 2013
Subscribe 39
BackTest1.2-manacc-AccoEnvi_16-30_15Q&A_558 1) Traditionally, financial accounting information has focused primarily on: 1) _______ A) efficiency B) product and service quality C) productivity D) profitability

I press the [Show More] button at the end of the Playback screen to expose the correct answers to the questions:

  1. D 2) D 3) D
    It shows that the correct answer to question number 1 is answer “D.”
    Notice also, that the “BackTest1.2” is lower than the “BackTest1.4-MyVideo-130925-145958 - YouTube.” The lower fraction namely “.2” represents a more elementary topic that sometimes is the prerequisite to the higher fraction and a more advanced topic with the higher fraction such as “.4.” So, if the surfer aces the .4 level, they may want to advance to the next topic. In contrast, if the surfer fails the .4 quiz, the surfer may try level .2, which is more elementary compared to the .4 level. In this way, the surfer can customize the path through the material to their own performance on the quizzes.
    So this is are methods that customize the surfers’ progress path to their individual competency & knowledge level. Automating adaptive personal custom learning is one of the most important challenges facing higher education live-broadcast streaming today.

The Google SERP:
About 14,300 results (0.26 seconds)
Search Results
BackTest1.4-MyVideo-130925-145958 - YouTube
▶ 5:03

Sep 25, 2013 - Uploaded by drarushi
BackTest1.4-manacc-AccoEnvi_45-53_8Q&A 1) The professional association of management accountants is ...
BackTest1.1-MyVideo-140117-144154 - YouTube
▶ 1:43

Jan 17, 2014 - Uploaded by drarushi
Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) The branch of ...
BackTest1.3-MyVideo-140115-150405 - YouTube
▶ 2:43
Jan 15, 2014 - Uploaded by drarushi
MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1 ...

Notice again! The easiest most elementary topic with the lowest fraction is “1.1,” followed by the intermediate level of difficulty “1.3,” followed by the most advanced, most difficult level “1.4.” among the 3 hyperlinks above, all of which were uploaded at 2014 or before.
The Yahoo SERP:

  1. BackTest1.4-MyVideo-130925-145958 - YouTube
    o Cached
    Sep 25, 2013 ... BackTest1.4-manacc-AccoEnvi_45-53_8Q&A 1) The professional association of management accountants is known as the: 1) ______ A) Institute of Internal Auditor...
  2. BackTest1.1-MyVideo-140117-144154 - YouTube Jan 17, 2014 ... MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) The branch of accounting that provides information ...


  1. About 2,140 search results
  2. Web results:
  3. BackTest1.4-MyVideo-130925-145958 - YouTube
    BackTest1.4-manacc-AccoEnvi_45-53_8Q&A 1) The professional association of management accountants is known as the: 1) _____ A) Institute of Internal Auditors

Live classroom broadcast stream help recruit student to the university. It demonstrates how the viewer can understand the material better and practice taking the quiz. You can understand this lectures checking the correct answer to the lecture and you can understand it better. Otherwise, if you still do not understand you can go back and hit another video. You can than enter “Backtest11” into Google to see Week # 11, the last week of the semester.

“Backtest1” is week one of my classes so now back from Youtube to Google and enter the key word “Backtest11.”
You should see that this author is number one again and when you click on the video thumb nail image, “you'll see me lecture and if you click on the description of the “Backtest11” SERP you should see Youtube’ description field and the test of my lecture and the tests correct answers and you see that I'm number one again for week #11, worldwide.

So if I if we were now in my classroom and you would do that you'll see a red box that says [LIVE NOW] and you can click it and then you can participate in the course. You can ask questions and I (the instructor) will interrupt the class and say let me see your name again and say: “Jennifer has a question, who in the class wants to address your question? And some students may raise their hand and answer your question and we will all listen. And, if you want to be seen in the classrooms projector and you will point the phone the camera at your face, and your face will appear immediately underneath the video image at the bottom corner of the screen along with my face. Did you see my face? If not you can review the video and you will see it if you look at it again.

If you want to find week number two what will you do? Type “Backtest2.” If you want to review week #3, so what do we do to review week #3? Enter “Backtest3.”

The idea is eventually to pay the student the instructor and the university Steems, which is a token & a cryptocurrency for social media sharing, which a social media platform distributes. Wow, so can you imagine that we scale it up to the whole University and all the students that sit in the class and those they don't sit in the class they watch it and all of them get paid in Steems in addition to earning academic credits and most importantly learning. Let's say that you are here, at you work place, right and you have a class right now at the same time. What you have to do, is to do your job you have to make a living. No problem, you connect your phone to the live lecture broadcast, you put your headset in to you ear, and whenever you don't mess with the Audio/Vedio (AV), which is your job, you can listen remotely to the university professor’s lecture and most of the time you sit around and do nothing, you can study for your courses at the university. So all that time that you do absolutely nothing, you can participate in the class, you aim the camera of your smart phone at yourself you click on the hyperlink of the speaker for the lecture, and Youtube ports you into the classroom.

Go inside and if you want to be shown next to my (the instructor’s) face (you saw my face there in a little box your face will show up and everybody in the class will hear you and see you in real time) You'll stop the professor’s lecture, and the professor will say “it looks like Eric's got a question, what's your question Eric? You will state your question and they will answer your question. They may be anybody around the world can reply to your question in real time. Or the professor can reply it, after stopping the class lecture and then proceed after they finished answering your question. All of that is will be archived just like what you saw on Youtube playback, it is archived of course.

But if it were in real time, you can stay in the [LIVE NOW] broadcast live now so that is what I was explaining in the main point is number one the ability to stream live from three or four different devices so even if one or two fails they still got at least one that works perfectly well. If all of them work well, within the computer, like free video conferencing & white screen sharing (Google’s Hangouts on Air, Microsoft’s Skype, & FaceBook live). Another important point is to enable the unauthenticated anonymous surfer to tap the top position of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and get into the live lecture. So it makes so fast & easy. All you have to remember is the topic of the class you want to interact with, like Backtest or backtesting , the week number like #1 or #11, and you are in. You should know what is the meaning of backtest or backtesting , but even if you do not know, you would learn about it by watching the lecture.

You know that computers can trade securities like Equities, commodities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Bitcoins, futures and assets like that called algorithmic automated quantitative programmed machine trading. So, before you connect your computer to such trading platform & a bank account to trade on your behalf you have to test it. You connect an algorithm to the bank account and then the algorithm (Algo) will buy or sell futures and commodities and for bitcoins, you want to test make sure it makes enough money to compensate you for the extra risk of losing. This is called backtesting, or backtest, since you go backwards in time and you ask if I let you, the computer Algo trade on my Bitcoin account for the last year, on this algorithm how much money it would have made and if we were to go backwards in time. It will show you how much money it will make or lose. And, whenever you are satisfied that it is high enough, you are convinced, you let it trade. Let's say you get from the saving bank account one half of one percent (%.005 or .5%) Return on Investment (ROI) on 1 dollar. This Algo produces 78% ROI. You say to yourself, well for this extra return, I am prepared to take the extra risk and connect computer trading Algo to my bank brokerage account so it can trade for me automatically, without any human intervention, except that you can manually overwrite it at certain time points. Before you do that it's a simulator, what is called “paper trade,” it lets you see how much money you would have made in the past, when the results are already known.

In the case that a professor teaches a course about backtesting, the computer systems may have a problem live-streaming the lecture for example. If the computer has a virus, it’s another job to help the professor a little to deal with Information Technology (IT) or Audio/Video (AV) problems. It require an IT AV technical assistance, which a university normally provide, accept that it is not available immediately.

You should understands IT/AV, being here on site where the class is in session, you help deal with every possible problems for the video doesn't come the computer, and or the projector does not project, or the video resolution is too low, the timing of the trade may be off. In the classroom we have IT staff but they are mostly incompetent and overworked. You have 100 or 200 classroom with one single tech support person. Such tech support can be in one classroom at the time but what about the other 99 classrooms? Especially at the beginning of the semester, they all have problems at the same time so another job will be to come at the beginning of the class and to help us set up the equipment and if it doesn't work help the instructor and the students deal with the problem until the IT guy shows up. Until the IT-Tech shows up it helps to have some present IT-Tech that can help the instructor to start teaching and broadcasting on time!

The law-bar review for the USA may be a good test environment for live broadcast streaming the instructor’s lecture. If you are you taking a bar review class, you the student and/or the instructor will stream it live and we'll pay the instructor and the students teams with the Steems, cryptocurrencies, and when you take the class you can do ask your professor the person that is teaching this bar review class is it Kaplan law bar review courses.