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The Blockchain could be a rapidly growing technology that's engulfing each potential business domain. Therefore, several reports printed have expected an enormous rise within the Blockchain market. in line with reports, the Blockchain market is predicted to increase to over twenty billion bucks by 2024. it's counted in one in all the foremost promising new technologies that square measure hoped to vary the longer term of companies and also the net.
You may be considering on the crypto coin that may be best for your investment. you may have even found yourself finance in one in all these Cryptos however you probably did not gain your profit as you expected as a result of, some developers, when touch their target and creating an enormous add of cash, dropped the project, and left investors within the middle of no wherever.

FundChain may be a clear and secure financial circle and mass funding application that uses the blockchain infrastructure. Investors will closely monitor their investments within the mass funding method, that is totally clear through the platform.
Users will be a part of cash circles or invest in businesses with the FundChain app victimization enactment or cryptocurrencies. With its easy interface and clear system, FundChain aims to unravel the present issues of ancient cash circles and mass funding.
Any stage of funding is accessible to the participant, particularly within the issue of trailing. Participants will simply follow all the symptoms of fees.

FundChain uses revolutionary blockchain technology to solve the problems of traditional crowdfunding and Rotating Credit and Savings Associations and makes them more accessible and safer. Due to decentralization, FundChain will eliminate the problem of trust and too high operating costs faced by participants of ROSCA and crowdfunding. In the sub smart contracts, the AZ token will be used as fuel, which will make it popular and useful for the platform. AZ Token will be required as a contribution for participation in ROSCA and project financing. Thus, it automatically acquires value and liquidity on crypto exchanges.
AZ FUNDCHAIN Platform presented with a handy mobile application that is to advance and maintain platform functionalities while improving users processes and increase the level of accessibility. Services/features provided by FundChain will be perfectly applicable and gradually updated via a mobile application which, for the means of development, is driven by the critics of the users for the perfect adaptation.
User-friendly interfaces enables easy access, allows investors to display funding flow, open money circles, and crowdfunding while also having the chance to make an observation over other profiles and even messaging those whom they seek for more information. The proposition of FundChain platform with a mobile application also gives users a voice to effectively take part in the future upgrades of the platform and reach their account quickly.
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Token Information:

Symbol: AZ

Token type: ETH (ERC20)

Current Price: 1 AZ Token = $0.63

Total supply: 30,000,000 AZ

For sale: 11,700,000 AZ (39%)

Soft Cap: $2,000,000

Hard Cap: $5,000,000

Public Sale: March 1, 2019 - April 20, 2019


2017 — AZ Internet formed.
2018 Q1
FundChain idea started to take shape. Product base development begins. The company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands
2018 Q2
Pre-alpha product is ready. First seed investment. The team is expanding.
2018 Q3
Alpha goes through bug tests. The new product website is ready.
2018 Q4
Private beta release scheduled on December. Cooperation with an external marketing agency. Whitepaper and token sale website will launch.
January 2019
Whitepaper publishing in the first week of January. Full marketing campaign starts.
February 2019
Official announcement of the application using Ethereum. KYC and registration to token sale begin.
May 2019
Token sale begins alonside marketing
June 2019
Token sale ends. The applications is usable with Ethereum.
2019 Q4
Fiat is integrated within the application.

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