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RE: Spreading The Awareness : Beware Of Facebook's Online Paluwagans

in #awareness5 years ago

Same here. I did not even bother joining on that paluwagan scheme.

There's a lot in facebook but for some reason I did not find it enticing, and also I do not know them personally. My friends are somehow like a traditional persons but more networking type offers are being sent to me :)


I'm glad you weren't lured by those schemes :)

In the advent of online investments, we really have to scrutinize everyrhing first. I hope you're doing well with your investments right now :)

Yep I am doing well with the investments kakaiyak lang nga dahil late ko na nalaman yung mga insurance etc.

Andami nang nasirang friendship because of that online paluwagan na yan.

Hahahaha ako rin e, kumuha ako ng insurance even before joining paluwagans but later ko na narealize ang mga legit investments i should've entered. Well, learning learning is a lifetime process man pud.

Hahahha oo nga eh, maraming mga beshies na naging frenemies ng dahil sa "How" hahahah

Oo ganun na nga charge to experience nalang. Pag mayaman na tayo dito steemit tatawanan nalang natin yang mga nagawa nating investments before.

Tumpak! At least marami tayong mai shi share lalo na sa mga nagsisimula palang sa investments

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