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Hi steemians! happy new year to everyone who has contributed one way or the other to the growth of the steemit ecosystem. I wish everyone a greater year ahead.

Some days ago I stumbled on the steemit award post and I was super impressed with the concept. I must say the concept is really a great one as this will serve as motivation to people to give their best and this will also drive engagement.
on this note, I say kudos to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, and @steemcurotor02 for such a great concept.

All being said I would like to drop my nominations.


Best community: Project hope

I came back on steemit mainly because of the support and the encouragement I got from this community. this is a community that helps, supported, motivates, and finally teaches people the value of relationships. The community stands for all that steemit stands for. I stand with project hope on this one.

Best Contributor to the Community: @cryoto.piotr

If I am to give reasons why I nominate him as the best community leader, I don't think a post will be enough. @crypto.piotr is a leader that knows that the best form of leadership is first through serving others. He is such a friendly man, he is a man with a vision and a goal. he is a man who tries to carry everyone along.
In summary, he is a true leader with an achievable vision.

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