Challenge! Countdown for Avengers Endgame | Day 12 - IRON MAN 3

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Alas! Me time has finally been turned on. The house has slowly drifted off to silence when the kids are finally in dreamland. Minutes later, as I was preparing for my Marvel Movie date night when suddenly I heard the toddler came in and joins me.

Gosh! I wouldn't be alone after all. Oh well, as they say Three is a crowd. Good luck to me if I ever get to finish this without too much squabbles.. hehe

As for tonight, we have "IRON MAN 3" on spotlight.

Here we go...



I remember this is yet another story of Iron Man that made me liked Tony Stark even more. There have been full of surprises and twists in the movie that was not expected. So hang on..

Iron Man 3 centers on the story of Tony Stark's life with the connection of his past, present and future. Years ago, when Tony (oh boy! when has we started on first name basis thing...?) was then a little spoiled idiot I don't care kind of rich guy made one man, Aldrich Killian, loose himself to the darkness and become the bad guy in the future. For at that time he was busy flirting with Maya Hansen, the girl with the brains who is responsible for the experimental regenerative treatment that she will soon discover in the coming years.



At present, a series of bombing attacks were done in separate locations under the threat of a Mandarin Terrorist. As a result, Happy Hogan, Stark's Chief Security, went out for further investigation of the case. Unfortunately, he was badly injured in one of the attacks and that had made Stark furious! Stark went immediately to live broadcast to send out his pissed message to the Mandarin. As a result, he was then became the target of shooting when the terrorist had located his home address.



I hate to see a state of the art house or rather mansion go to waste. A billion dollar worth of a house torn down to pieces in minutes. And the view!! ARrrggh!

And oh! The suits were all destroyed too!

Nothing was left but pieces of pieces, the whole place was torn down to the bottom of the cliff including those expensive and luxury cars went too. I pity the cars! hahaha..



I love this scene, the explosion effects just blew me away most especially on the part where Tony (Heey heey heeey, I am getting used to this.. haha.. sorry!) was asking JARVIS to save Pepper first. Pepper got hold of the last suit first and taking her and Maya out to safety first. Oh! You remember Maya right. Well well, she showed up to warn Starks. And her presence was just timing.. hmmmmm.. isnt it weird!

While Stark was holding to his dear life as the mansion collapse and falls down, he reached the bottom ground almost drowning himself in the ocean. Then the suit finally got to him. Oh! I was holding my breath all the while.

However, the suit that he had not now was not his latest model, but rather it was an old experimental new Iron Man suit. Thus JARVIS, our favorite AI, had set an escape route plan and ejected Stark to nowhere! Naaaaaah actually, he was sent to Tennessee. I heard it is the place of great country music.. don't mind me blabbing my thoughts.. hahaha

Anyway, the location he was in was not chosen randomly, this was one of the place where recent bombings was located. He then met a boy named Harley Keener. His little sidekick! whoooaa Iron Man and his Sidekick.. That was cute! Whatever to happens to working alone eh?!



Harley found both Stark and the suit hiding in their garage while Tony was trying to fix the suit. Harley even called Tony as The Mechanic.

Tony had no choice than to hang out with Harley until he find means to get out. In the meantime, he was mostly out trying to get enough information of the cause of the mysterious bombings.. Six dead and only five shadows.. Later, his investigations reveals that the bombings were actually triggered by soldiers who were exposed to Extremis. These soldiers uncontrollably blew themselves up due to the rejection of the treatment in their body. Some could not take it and others get to live making them invincible (that was what they seem to think, though!).

Did I mentioned that at this movie, Tony Stark keep on having panic attack?? Well he did had a couple of times especially when he is radically thinking how to keep her love, Pepper, from losing. Sometimes, it gets out of hand triggering a little fight with Pepper. At Tennessee, he was even caught up by Harley at one of his attacks, who then given him some maturely advice on how to handle his future attacks. Kids do say the darnest things that we don't expect them to say. Sometimes, they are more mature than we think.



Unfortunately, the bad guys had tracked down Starks' whereabouts. The Extremist Soldiers were ordered to have Stark dead, one way of another. They even used Harley to lure Tony out.

The power of *Extremis was to source out the heat power out of your body. They can produce and manage to handle the heat that can melt down any metal they touch. More so, it can do more damage to a human body.

Powerful as they may seem to be, they can never outsmart our Tony boy. He will always find another means to get out in a pretty bad situation.

Meanwhile, Killian has so much more plans under his sleeves. He does want to over power Stark in everything. He wants more than just vengeance. That is why he planned to kidnapped Pepper and took her to his headquarter and no one knows what he is up to. He also wanted to get his hands off the Patriot, the suit that is being handled by General Rhodes. He also, wanted to have the President of the United States because he needed him for his grandest live show... Oh my! Killian seems to be not busy these days, his fully booked! Goodluck with that...hahahaha

I dont think Tony is gonna back out from that battle, he never runs from any battle. Now that he had managed to track down the headquarters of the Mandarin, which is in Miami. He will go there even if he has no suit with him at the moment because JARVIS isnt finish regenerating the full power of the suit. Of course, little old witty and the wise Mechanic will not go unprepared, he went out shopping for some parts that he might be able to conjure into little weapons.



When he finally manages to break in into the Mansion or the so called headquarters of the Mandarin, he was under a major surprise.. Oh yeah!.. He found out the the Mandarin was just a Hoax! He wasn't even a terrorist to start with, not even close! You know what he actually was??? He was a hired actor! A total junkie! Shocks! The whole entire thing was a set-up! He was just a decoy! He had been fooled, we had been fooled even more. That was not a funny joke! tsk tsk tsk.. But he damn well-played the part.

Now, the question is, who is the real Mandarin?

I'm pretty sure you already have somein in mind who the greatest and biggest villain here. Yep yep, its no other than Aldrich Killian himself.





No more false faces. You said you wanted the Mandarin, you're looking right at him. It was always me, Tony, right from the start. I am the Mandarin!"
―Aldrich Killian

Being the top evil in the movie, sure he would have tasted the power of Extremis to himself. He became a fire-breathing dragon in a body of man! But the Extremis power isnt perfected yet, it still has flaws. He wants Stark to maneuver its perfection or else Pepper Potts will die having it in her body.

Its quite absurb and common excuse that the villain always use the loved ones as bait in order for our hero to get them do what they want. Why is it always like that?? hahaha... Poor Tony.



During Starks' captivity, it was perfect timing that the suit was ready to use becauselittle kid watch he was wearing suddenly alarms. That was the cutest thing a man could wear. Much less a hero.. hahaha

It was so cool watching how each parts came flying in one by one.. extremely awesome! my kid was even clapping his hands as he saw Iron Man again in action..hahahaha



The fight isn't over yet! Starks still needs to save our beloved Pepper Potts, who is currently enduring the agony for the treatment has already passed through her system! Oh! Killian what did you dooooooooooo! Leave her alone!

Starks and Rhodes teamed up to further put a stop to this evil plot of Killian in their base where he planned to telecast him killing the president. With JARVIS help, Starks summoned the controlled suits into combat. And it was like having fireworks displays at best, besides this movie was released around Christmas time.

Love always find your other half no matter where you are. Starks finally found where Pepper was, however, she got stuck in among broken debris. He was about to rescue her but Killian hinders the way between them. Stark failed to save Pepper, she falls into the burning pit!

In his final duel with Killian, It took them several punches, knock downs and throw aways which had eventually disabled his suit. Killian had managed to cut the suit in halves. Tony seems to have lost the last straw to destroy Killian. He thought it was the end of him.

Oh no! Dont fret! Pepper Potts came back ----- angry, fierce and too hot!



Oh yeah, she save Tony Starks' ass from getting burned! hahahha..


It was not really a boring movie as what the haters seems to think. I was truly fascinated and entertained by their special effects and fight scenes. Iron Man 3 is full of dramas alright, who does not need one. We all do, life is pretty much boring if it was to live im the simplest form. Besides, we had seen how lonely Tony's life had been without the suit. His hands will not stop from building things, his mind wont ever stop thinking. His devotion and passion to building and innovating weapons will always be within him. That is what he is, he was born for it. And I know, he knows far too well when to stop or else Pepper will be out of his life forever.

I could not even imagine Marvel life without Iron Man in it. We need the Mechanic.

Gotta turn the lights off now! Hope you enjoyed it.

Good night world!

This is in submission for the shoutout of the awesome @anomadsoul Marvel Movie Challenge. If you haven't join in, it is not yet too late. Come on be with us!

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