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Many people in more northern latitudes have already had autumn colors come, and perhaps go, by now. But here below the 35th parallel of latitude, autumn arrives a bit later. Within the past week or two, I have seen some of the leaves on the early-changing trees and bushes begin to lose their green color and become some shade of yellow. But, only this week have I begun to see a few leaves truly take on the vibrant colors typical of this time-of-year.

And, of course, only the Dogwood trees (Cornus florida) have begun to share their color thus far, as they are the first trees in this area to be affected by the cooler weather. Our common hardwoods  — the oak, hickory, sassafras, locust, ash, et al. — have not begun to show their fall colors yet. The oak trees have been raining a torrent of acorns on the property, though, littering the yard, the driveway, and pelting the roof of the house. 😬

The yellow, orange, and red leaves on the dogwoods are a lovely sight! 😊 It won't be long, though, before the leaves begin falling in droves. As I've gotten older, it is harder for me to get out there and rake the leaves when they fall, so I have asked the young man who cuts my grass (for a fee) to continue coming through the leaf-season to keep the yard looking decent. 🍂 As can be expected, there will be more pretty pictures as the autumn season unfolds here over the next month or so! 🍁



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It's a beautiful thing, autumn is. All of it. Thanks for sharing!

Oaks have a brilliant strategy for reproduction, masting!

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Nice contrast. Happy Autumn once again!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Beautiful fall colors from the dogwood @thekittygirl. As for the acorns hitting the roof, that would be quite annoying hearing it all day long,lol Trees are not changing and falling here, although you can feel the atomosphere changing, kind of like an Indian summer. :)

I love autumn, though we don't have that season here. LOL! Hope you'll be sharing more photos soon. Love them all! :D

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It’s so funny how the seasons play out differently across the country. The laves on the trees in my yard are gone and this morning it was only 29F! I need some warm southern breezes in my bones soon. 😄

Autumn is a beautiful season. I find the reds, fiery oranges, bright yellows and contrast of browns and blacks to be magnificent!

Autumn is my favorite season and I love the changes in nature and all the amazing colors 😍
Your pictures are amazing and I love the leaves alot, such bright beautiful color.
Its amazing how nature can transform.
Wish we could se this all year 😁 lol
But soon they fall down and we have to wait till next autumn.

Thank you for sharing, really beautiful shots my friend. Much love 🤗🌹❤️

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