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Beautiful click.

Wow lovely photography of nature yellow leaves.

Just tremendous yellow background. Leaves changing their colors. Perfect shots @gamer00

Honestly I have never seen Autumn in real life! So, these photography could give me an idea how it looks like! Wonderful photography!


These are very yellow leaves! I used to see brown and orange leaves, these are very different. Must be the kinds of trees!

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The best part of the year to enjoy nature at its best :)

Nice pics, the intense yellow is beautiful.

Yeah, I can see that from the photo. Even in Nigeria autumn will soon set in. Am bracing myself up for the really cold weather.

We have just turned to proper cold here now.


We are still having above 10°C temperatures. Vera just mentioned that it maybe turning colder next weekend for us too.

Nice tree with yellow leaves .

Very similar to the Araguaney national tree of Venezuela

I love this yellow color

Wao very beautiful yellow leaves.I really love tress.Tress gives you fresh air.Very beautiful photography.Thanks for sharing.

Very beautiful picture indeed
I love the fall a lot
Better done

Ya, Autumn season start.
Nice captures

Absolutely brilliant Autumn background.
Great scenery to our eyes. Nice catch.